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May 07, 2015, 07:00 IST | Clayton Murzello, Sadaguru Pandit, Vidya Heble

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Apte goes by the book at age 82
Former India opening batsman Madhav Apte was used to headlines like ‘Never too old’ and ‘Age no Bar’ when he played the Kanga League regularly well past his 60th birthday and till 2004. The same headlines hold true now as the 82-year-old Apte is all set to have his autobiography released at the end of May.

Madhav Apte
Madhav Apte

Published by Global Cricket School, the book is titled As Luck Would Have It. The cricketer and industrialist was even Sheriff of Mumbai in 1983 so there’s a lot more to the book than the willow game which Apte played in dignified fashion. His late brother Arvind played for India too. Initially, Apte just jotted down his memoirs and had no intention of getting his autobiography published.

But his family and friends found it an interesting read and hence the release date draws near. Summing up, he writes in his labour of love: “As my journey progresses towards final destination, the mind looks back at milestones reached. The distance covered. It is a collage of colours, colours of different hues some bright, some dark.

Some vibrant, some not so. Some colours on the canvas contrast while some complement. They do not clash. Looked at from a distance, I would like to think that the picture to the viewer is pleasing and not offensive to the eye.” More on the book in mid-day soon!

The truth about cats and dogs
Even five years’ imprisonment won’t be able to keep this pair of Salman and Shahrukh apart. They continue to be sheltered by the man who witnessed the infamous 2002 hit-and-run ordeal. Francis Fernandez, one of the witnesses in the case, happens to have a pet dog and a cat who have been named after the Bollywood stars.

Francis Fernandez with ‘Shahrukh’ and ‘Salman’. Pic/Nimesh Dave
Francis Fernandez with ‘Shahrukh’ and ‘Salman’. Pic/Nimesh Dave

As Fernandez is a fan of Shahrukh, his handicapped dog has been named after the King Khan, while his Persian cat is named Salman, “due to her notorious behaviour” as he says. The christening, he says, had no connection to the unfortunate incident involving Salman, whom Fernandez knows personally since his school days.

“I really like Shahrukh, he is my favourite actor, and Sallu is a friend, hence I named my pets after them so that I could feel their presence around me all the time by calling them out,” said Fernandez. What is more, the 64-year-old active senior citizen has two more cats named Shadow and Litchi whom he loves equally.

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