Mumbai Diary: Wednesday Dossier

Jun 15, 2016, 09:17 IST | Team mid-day

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Game of thrones, anyone?
(Left) Maharashtra's Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, (second left) and Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao at the opening of an exhibition, Raja Shivchhatrapati: Life, Vision, Legacy at Jehangir Art Gallery last evening. The life-sized paintings and intricate detailed art works that covered the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took 14 years in the making. The show was curated by Deepak Gore under the mentorship of the legendary Babasaheb Purandare (right). Father-son artist duo, Shrikant and Gautam Chougule, were instrumental in making this dream a reality. Pic/Pradeep Dhivar

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Babasaheb Purandare

Jaipur joyride: The Pink City gets one too
And now, touristy Jaipur can party too, F-Bar style. We learnt that the Pink City will get its very own stylish space that is sure to bring cheer to the city's partygoers. The massive (and bling-y) venue promises to bring the best mix of food and entertainment, fashion, music and art to Jaipur's swish set and its nightcrawlers. Here's to some serious partying!

High-fives and high notes with Ashatai
India's singing diva and legend Asha Bhosle (centre) posted this delightful tweet on social media, where she clearly seems to be having a blast with her granddaughter Zanai (right). She was recording a song with Vinay Dayal (left), who Bhosle dubbed as 'One of India's finest sound engineers'. Now, that's a compliment to savour!

Udhas and ehsaas
When soulful ghazals and a sterling cause come together, it promises to be a confluence of the sweetest of sounds. Ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas is gearing up for Ek Ehsaas, a concert by Udhas, in aid of the Parents Association Thalassemic Unit Trust (PATUT) later this week. The evening promises to be a mix of ghazals, nazms and film songs. Udhas is the President of PATUT, established in 1986. We love it when established artistes showcase their talent for a cause. May this tribe increase.

Pankaj Udhas with thalassemic kids 

Seven shades of grey
Orlando echoes here too, and the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) has become the face of defiance for the gay movement, and tribute for the victims of the terror attack, on the gay night club, the Pulse in the US. The US Consulate façade at BKC is dressed up in rainbow colours of the Pride flag. For those who do not know what the rainbow means to the gay community, it is their most visible symbol, where the different colours of the spectrum stand for diversity. The US Consulate shimmering in different colours in Mumbai's pre-monsoon heat speaks loud and eloquently from its concrete heart. Each year, since assuming the presidency, US President Barack Obama, under fire from opponents for his supposed weak-kneed response to the attack, has issued a presidential proclamation declaring June as LGBT Pride Month. During Pride Month, in the United States and around the world at our embassies and consulates, Americans show their support for diversity and the human rights of the LGBTI community This time, of course, this show of lights gets added poignancy. Mumbai weeps for Orlando and the tears fall in rainbow hues.

The rainbow tribute at the US Consulate
The rainbow tribute at the US Consulate

Green Matunga!
As part of a challenge in a weeklong initiative on social media, young achievers were chosen to tweet live and set up challenges with the virtual community. One of the challenges was associated with city chef Thomas Zacharias, who shot a video of 2-3 ingredients, and asked users to guess the name of the ingredients and share ideas on flavours, after which he cooked a dish using those ingredients and ideas. This particular photo caught our interest, especially since it was at one of our favourite veggie haunts — the Matunga market, where the chef found a whole bunch of South Indian fresh produce.

Green Matunga

Throw in the towel: From Vapi to Wimbledon
CONNECTS like these make us smile. So, as SW19 gears for Wimbledon action later this month, we can't wait for the likes of Federer and Djoker to clash on its green courts. Desi as we are, we'll be rooting for San-tina (Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis, if you're still wondering) of course, and then, just as we think that the Indian connect is done, we get an email that speaks of a brand that is the proud licensee of the Wimbledon towel for 29 years! For years, we've watched Agassi and Sampras swing these towels into the crowd after a win, or Nadal soak in his disappointment in between breaks after losing a point. A plant in Vapi manufactures these towels, and from what we hear, work on the 2017 designs have been confirmed already. Speak of India stamping its presence on Centre Court!

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