Mumbai Diary: Wednesday Whispers

Jul 01, 2015, 07:43 IST | Waleed Hussain, Shrikant Khuperkar, Vidya Heble

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Waiting for the waterfall
When it rains, not everyone huddles for shelter. Some take full advantage of the cool showers and head for the hills. Malshej Ghat, situated beyond Kalyan, is a popular destination.

There for a reason and for the season. Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar
There for a reason and for the season. Pic/Shrikant Khuperkar

But this year, the rain has let its fans down and the expected waterfalls have not been gushing forth with their usual gusto. Nevertheless, revellers still go to Malshej in the hope that somehow, the flow of water would have increased enough for them to have a splashing good time.

Of course, water or no water people out to have fun will ensure that they do so. (Here, we must sound a warning to people, do be careful, as accidents have been known to happen here.) And if the water is falling too scantily, there are always the misty mountains and the cloudscapes, giving plenty of opportunities for the ever-popular selfie.

Music to my ears
If you have travelled on a local train, then you would have had ‘enjoyed’ the experience of an annoying uncle playing loud 60s music on his cellphone in a packed train.

The music always has a slow pace, and a shrill sound quality that irritates the life out of the commuter forced to listen to Sehgal crooning his heart’s tale to a beloved. One such uncle, with an archaic phone and an even older playlist, met his match when he decided to annoy a bunch of gamers on the Churchgate-bound local.

The old man was playing his music at maximum volume much to the irritated and annoyed frowns of fellow commuters. However, these three youngsters decided to give the old man a taste of his own music. The trio smartly placed themselves in such a way that they managed to corner the old man by the window seat.

The three then pulled out their phones and began playing Contra and Sniper fire power games, at max volume. While the guy on the left was shooting from an AK-47, the man in front was lobbing grenades and missiles from a zipping jet. The third one was tapping his feet and jumping on the seat with each kill that he registered on the game.

The ploy seemed to have worked, as the stunned old man was jolted out of his Sehgal-induced slumber. Unable to take the loud explosions and violence in his immediate neighbourhood, the old man got off at the next station. Immediately, after the trio high-fived each other, put on their headphones and continued with their games, in pin drop silence.

One soup, cutting Mumbai style
While college kids are happy to show off their latest smart phones and gadgets courtesy blackmailing mom or dad, which ever the case may be when it comes to shelling out some moolah over food, all pockets run dry.

One such incident at a Dadar eatery substantiated the claim that pocket money in college is a luxury not many can afford to flaunt. Wet from the downpour, four college kids, drenched in their windcheaters, walked into a restaurant.

They asked the waiter for a Manchow soup, but insisted that it be split four ways. The flabbergasted waiter replied that it could only be split two ways aka One by Two. The kids insisted that they wanted it one by four.

The waiter, adamant on the restaurant policy, refused to budge. The quartet finally ordered one Manchow soup, one by two. When the waiter arrived with two bowls of hot soup, the boys asked for two extra spoons.

The waiter, having realised that he couldn’t do much, handed over two extra spoons. The foursome, in typical slurping Mumbaiya style, enjoyed their soup albeit One by Four.

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