Mumbai: Five-year-old abuse survivor awaits justice as cops bicker

Sep 22, 2015, 06:31 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Five days after mid-day highlighted how the Sion police delayed filing an FIR to probe the torture and sexual abuse of the boy in a Malegaon madrasa, investigations are yet to begin as two police departments bicker over who has the file

For the five-year-old boy who survived brutal torture and sexual abuse from a teenage student at a Malegaon madrasa, the wait for justice is slow and painful.

Not only did he and his family have to wait for a day before the Sion police registered an FIR, but even four days after that, the investigations are yet to begin as the Sion and Malegaon departments bicker over who has the case file.

While the Sion police said they sent the FIR to Malegaon on Friday itself, the local police there said the file had been sent to the Nashik Rural Police head office instead, delaying investigations further.

In a front-page report, mid-day had highlighted how the five-year-old boy was taken to Sion Hospital on September 16 with a severely infected eye injury and cigarette burns all over his body (‘Five-year-old abused at madrasa by teen, Sion cops delay FIR’, September 17).

Even after hospital authorities confirmed that it was a case of child abuse, the Sion police had not filed the FIR until the next morning. Now the file is awaited, as the Sion police claims it has forwarded it to the right police station, while the Azad Nagar police station in Malegaon claims it was sent to Nashik instead.

On Friday, Senior Police Inspector Y C Gorade from Sion police station had told mid-day that they had filed the FIR and forwarded it to the Azad Nagar police station, which has jurisdiction over the madrasa where the boy was allegedly abused.

“We have sent the FIR and statements to the police station and they will be carrying out the investigation,” Gorade had said. However, Senior PI Mansoor Khan, from Azad Nagar police station, said they had not received any of the documents and the file had been sent to the Superintendent of Police, Nashik Rural Head Office at Adgaon instead.

Because of the weekend, the file has not be forwarded to them yet, he added. “The reports should have been mailed or brought to our police station directly. Now, since they were sent to the head office, the mailing department will sort them and then send them to us, which will take one day, at least.

As soon as we get the reports, we will start investigating the case,” said Khan, adding that they expect to receive the case by today. This claim was, however, refuted by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IV) Ashok Dudhe, who said, “As soon as the case was transferred, we sent the reports directly to Azad Nagar police station and not the head office of Nashik Rural Police.”

In recovery
The five-year-old boy had suffered a severe eye infection since there was delay in treatment of the injury he had received after he was attacked by a blunt knife. Doctors had confirmed that had the boy come for the treatment a day or two later, he would’ve lost his vision forever.

“The severe infection and pus accumulation in the inner chambers of the eye due to negligence and delay in treatment had resulted in a condition called Panophthalmitis. We had to remove the pus surgically and insert antibiotics in the cavities to heal the infection.

The boy is now able to open his eye partially and will soon be back to normal hopefully,” said Dr Rajesh Dhere, Forensics professor and nodal officer of the one-stop help centre for survivors of sexual violence at LTMG Hospital, Sion.

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