Track record: These 7 videos of Mumbai locals went viral

Feb 12, 2017, 16:28 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Mumbai local trains are the lifeline of the city. Not surprising then that the a number of videos about them have gone viral – from train stunts to people falling to death. Here's a look at some of them

Mumbai local trains are the lifeline of the city. Not surprising then that the a number of videos about them have gone viral – from train stunts to people falling to death. Here’s a look at some of them.

Alert motorman saves woman's life

A video shot by a commuter showing how an alert motorman saved a woman's life by applying brakes in time at the suburban Charni Road station in South Mumbai went viral on social media. Thanks to the 46-second video, the incident which took place nearly two months ago -- on December 6 – came to light, and the Western Railway officials are considering rewarding the motorman Santosh Kumar Gautam.

The Churchgate-bound fast local train driven by Gautam, which was approaching the station at the speed of around 70-kmph, halted in the nick of time, just inches from the woman who was walking on the tracks unmindful of the coming train.

Boy performing train stunt falls off Mumbai local

In November 2016, a video emerged showing a youngster from Mumbai falling off a Mumbai local train while he was trying to swing from the side of the train while in a squatting position and holding onto the handlebar of a coach. In the video, the youth falls down from the train with a jerk after hitting a pole along the railway tracks making a loud 'thud' when his head dashes pole. According to GRP officials, the accident took place between Charni Road and Grant Road stations. Miraculously, the boy survived. 

Students perform life-threatening stunts on Mumbai local

A commuter shot this video while traveling between Bandra-Mahim, in which two students are seen performing dangerous stunts in a CST-bound local train.


Thane: Cop, commuters save woman, baby from falling off moving train

In July 2016, struggling to get into a moving train after putting her one-year-old child and all their luggage on board, a 25-year-old woman nearly fell on the tracks but was saved in the nick of time by a railway cop at Kalyan station. At the same time, fellow commuters acted quickly to ensure that the woman was not separated from her son -- not only did they carefully put him back on the platform while the train was still running, but they then pulled the chain so that mother and child could board the train safely.

Man falls between wheels of moving train

In February 2016, it was reported that a man lost his life while trying to catch a local. The incident occurred on platform 1 of Dadar station on the Central Railway. The Railway Police officials said that the CCTV footage shows Gani carrying two bags along with two burqa-clad women and walking towards the train standing on the platform. The three tried to climb the first door after the motorman coach, but it was too crowded. So they headed to the neighbouring door, but by then the train started moving. The two women jumped inside the moving train but Gani, who held the two bags on his right hand, and held the pole with the other, struggled to enter the coach. The train soon caught speed and Gani reached the end of platform next to the FOB and fell in the gap. The CCTV footage shows him falling right between two wheels of the moving train, as shocked commuters walked past.

21-year-old dies after falling from packed rush hour local train

In November 2015, a 21-year-old youth died after falling from a CST-bound train between Kopar and Diva Junction. The youth, Bhavesh Nakate had boarded a packed 8.59 am local from Dombivli.

Mumbai train crashes into platform at Churchgate station

In June 2015, an empty Churchgate-bound local train came crashing into the platform after the motorman, who was driving the locomotive apparently lost control of the vehicle as he couldn't apply the brakes on time. This caused the overhead wire to snap as the train had exceeded the track limit. The local broke into the buffer kept to prevent accidents and half of the first coach went through the platform.


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