Mumbai Monorail services disrupted once again... this time for 90 minutes

Apr 17, 2015, 22:01 IST | A Correspondent

Services on the Wadala-Chembur stretch halted for around 90 minutes due to voltage fluctuation on Friday evening

The country's first Monorail once again came to a standstill on Friday evening due to voltage fluctuation. Monorail services between Wadala and Chembur were affected and came to a halt for around 90 minutes.

According to MMRDA officials, "Monorail stopped for one and a half hours from 6.30 to 8 pm due to voltage fluctuation throughout the alignment. All trains were stuck at the stations during this period."

Sources confirmed that the voltage fluctuation problem arose near the Fertiliser township station but the services were affected along the entire line for around 90 minutes. The authorities confirmed that the services are now back to normal.

It should be noted that a CAG report has already pointed out some serious observations regarding the monorail corridor including the safety of the passangers.

MMRDA officials said no passangers had to be evacuated today after the monorail services came to a halt.

According to officials, 13 trips were cancelled and two were delayed tonight.

Soon after the incident officials had a meeting at MMRDA office to find the reason for the problem and the issue of the recurring technical problem the line has been facing was also discussed. An Official from MMRDA claimed that the power flactuation problem might be taking place not due to problem in the system but because of the power supply company.

Past incident

Last month, a technical glitch related to power supply had taken place on the Wadala-Chembur monorail stretch because of which the services on the corridor were affected. Due to power supply failure the monorail train going towards Wadala from Bhakti Park had got stuck and fire brigade had to called in to evacuate passengers who were Around 11 passangers were evacuated by the fire department officials using ladder.

The evacuation operation took more than an hour. The exact reason for the problem is yet to be known.

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