Mumbai monsoon special: Reign in the rains

Jun 22, 2014, 10:19 IST | SMD Team

Our special feature will help you reign supreme this monsoon — be it through the food you eat, places you travel, the songs you listen to or even the clothes you wear

Monsoon style tips: Fold it right in the rains
Put your most fashionable foot forward this monsoon with bright colours, recycled clothes and folding your outfits in innovative ways. Nikshubha Garg talks to designers, stylists and bloggers to find out how to increase your style quotient this season. (Read more)

Monsoon travel special: Where the rains take you
Whether it is a dose of history or a relaxing spa that you seek, we give you a list of options ideal for a rainy retreat. (Read more)

Monsoon special

Monsoon food special: Crazy about chutneys
Want to avoid eating street food in the monsoon? Do so without forgoing your love affair with the irresistible spicy, tangy, sweet and sour condiments. Make them at home and spice up your meals. (Read more)

Mumbai chefs share edgy rainy-day recipes
This monsoon, ditch tradition and give contemporary gourmet delights a chance. (Read more)

Sample these crunchy international delights
Let your fill of fried foods this season not be limited to pakodas and fries. There’s much to bite into if you set your eyes on international cuisines. We pick out the fried and tested. (Read more)

Five fried snacks to make the most of this monsoon
It is pouring, and you have good reason to stay in with the aroma of sizzling ghee, crackling masalas and golden-brown fried stuff, which makes the rains memorable. (Read more)

Stay rain smart with these waterproof gadget accessories
Save your gadgets from the rain this monsoon with these useful accessories. (Read more)

It's raining gadgets
If you are looking for a reason to rejoice as the skies open up, look no further than these new devices. (Read more)

SMD's soul food for every mood
While there is an insatiable list of foods for every mood, we put our taste buds and memories to work and came up with our very own Bitstrip for the monsoon soul. (Read more)

Bollywood, TV couples reveal their romantic monsoon memories
It can get messy and uncomfortable but the monsoon also has a bright side — it ignites the romantic streak in us. Film and TV personalities, who take romance to another level on screen, take a nostalgic trip to those special moments when the rains touched their lives. (Read more)

Monsoon special: Hollywood films with the best rain-scenes
No special effect can match up to some of the best rain-scenes in films. (Read more)

Some tips to stay fit this monsoon
The lush greenery and overcast skies might rev up some spirits. But for others, the rains aggravate body aches and cause fatigue or lethargy. Phorum Dalal talks to experts who decode these arguably psychosomatic reactions and suggest ways to stay in shape this season. (Read more)

Ensure a happy monsoon for your pets
It might be raining cats and dogs outside, but for our four-legged friends, the rains can usher in a host of ailments and diseases. Protect your beloved pet this monsoon in these simple ways. (Read more)

It's a deal! Ensuring an insurance this monsoon
Like most things in life, there are two sides to the rains as well — it can be both romantic and distressing. Going in for an insurance policy before the rains is an idea worth exploring. (Read more)

I have developed a phobia of monsoon: Mahesh Narvekar
With a smile on his face and a positive attitude, Mahesh Narvekar, Chief Officer, Disaster Management Cell, BMC receives bouquets and brickbats with equal flair. In a tête-à-tête with Rinky Kumar, he talks about waking up in the middle of the night to check out an overcast sky, seeing satellite images whenever he is free, why every citizen’s life is precious to him and how he dreams of making Mumbai a disaster-resilient city. (Read more)

Your monsoon planner
Wondering what to during the rains? Well, here are a few activities that you can indulge in... (Read more)

Mumbai rains: The agony and the ecstasy
Mumbai has a love-hate relationship with the monsoon. While the city dons a romantic look, it also increases traffic jams, causes flooding and leads to mucky streets. sunday mid-day photographers let their lens do the talking. (Read more)

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