Stay rain smart with these waterproof gadget accessories

Jun 22, 2014, 10:44 IST | Harpreet Kaur Sapra

Save your gadgets from the rain this monsoon with these useful accessories

The rains, when they come, bring much-needed respite from the sweltering heat. The chill in the air, the cloudy sky and the romance of being stranded in the rain with a loved one, makes the monsoon season one of the most anticipated and loved ones. However, wouldn’t it be nice if the moisture the season brings along didn’t ruin our expensive gadgets? Gadgets conk off because electronic items are embedded with Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and electronic components like chips and resistors are soldered in them. The copper tracks on the board carry a certain amount of electric current between the components. The presence of water droplets on these copper tracks can create a short-circuit, which can ruin the gadget. We cannot avoid the rains. Neither can we stop enjoying the pleasures of a downpour just because we have gadgets with us. So, the best way to enjoy the monsoon is to protect them. Here is how you can do it.

Mumbai monsoon special: Reign in the rains

Smartskin — Condoms for Smartphones and Tablets
As they all say, it’s always better to be smart than sorry.  Smartskin is a double-layered thermoplastic polyurethane skin you pull over your smartphone or tablet and seal on the backside. It protects the gadget from water, dirt, dust and snow.

You just have to slip it on the device and use the seal to close the backside to completely protect your gadget. Each pack contains a set of three skins and seals and each seal can be used up to three times, making one pack good for nine emergencies. The only drawback being that there is no way that you can plug in any cables or headphones while the gadget is encased in the smartskin.

A waterproof camera is your best bet in case you want to click pictures during the rains or at the beach. But if you already own a camera and wish to use it to click some pictures, then fret not.

DiCAPac makes waterproof cases for digital cameras which have been tested in up to 33 ft under water. The transparent vinyl waterproof casing has roll and velcro zipper system and the polycarbonate quality lens opening lets you take pictures with zoom control, even when the camera is in the pouch.

The lens has a three-layer coating — UV coating, Water Repellent coating and Scratch Resistant coating, making it perfect for good-quality pictures.

The bag, along with the camera, can easily float in the water, so you don’t need to worry even if you drop it in a pool of clogged water.

DryCASE is a flexible, transparent, waterproof bag that allows full use of your Smartphone while keeping it dry and clean. You simply have to put your phone in the bag, pump out the air with the hand pump provided and vacuum seal the bag around your phone.

The vacuum will make it completely waterproof and the airtight seal ensures that the phone will remain dry even when it is submerged under water. DryCASE comes with a waterproof headphone and mic jack and a neoprene activity armband, so you can wrap your phone around your arm and go for a jog in the rain or use your phone while indulging in some water sports. Owing to its transparency, pictures can be taken through the bag as well.

Pelican Cases:
Sometimes, the question is not how to use your  gadgets in the rain, but how to transport or carry them in the safest possible way. Pelican has a range of cases specially made to store and transport your gadgets — ranging from something as small as an SD card to eReaders to phones to tablets and laptops. These crush-proof, hard cases have a molded shock- absorbing liner that protects from impact and scratches.


The Pelican HardBack cases also have a watertight gasket that seals the case tight once its shut and the automatic purge valve keeps water and dust out while maintaining air pressure. So you can freely carry your precious gadgets during the rainy season and not worry about any water damage.

KATA Rain and Element Covers:
If we can wear a raincoat, why can’t our cameras? Available in various models depending on your camera and your specific need, this raincoat for cameras is used mostly by professional photographers.

The cover is secured using adjusters and one-handed pull-cords. It has spacious side sleeves, which gives full access and control to the camera.

The Thermoplastic Polyurethane window helps to easily monitor the camera at all times. An adjustable stiff hood can fit lenses of various diametres and extra long lenses can be used with the extension kits.

BubbleShield PRO:
BubbleShield PRO can, literally, be a part of your bathroom accessories. Imagine watching a movie while you are in a bubble bath or answering your emails, while walking in the rain, without the fear of damaging the iPad. Well, this is what you get with the BubbleShield PRO’s triple protection.

The sleeve has three locking plastic zippers which are further enclosed by three velcro snaps, making it totally waterproof. The shield is IPX7 certified, which means that it has been rated fit for work under water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. The best part is that even after so much protection, you can use all the functions to the best of your iPad’s ability. You can use all your multi touch gestures, make Face Time calls and even shoot HD Videos while standing in the middle of a heavy downpour.

A dry monsoon

Waterproof bags: Available from various brands such as Case Logic, Vanguard, OverBoard, Aquapac, Quicksilver waterproof bags are the  best  bet for the wet season. You can look trendy and store all your gadgets and papers without the fear of them getting wet.

Dry cabinets: These cabinets come with de-humidifiers and are great to keep moisture away from your gadgets. They come in handy while doing some damage control after an  equipment has got wet, as it dries out the moisture. It is also great in keeping fungus, rust and dust away.

Dry-Pack: Packets of absorbent desiccant Silica Gel can be kept with your gadgets to absorb extra moisture. In case of an emergency, you can even put your wet gadget in an air-tight container with a couple of Dry-Packs.

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