Mumbai's 10 Most dangerous roads - Part 3

Apr 02, 2012, 10:14 IST | Shashank Rao

With 5,900 deaths in the last 10 years, this city has the worst road accident record in the country. In a month-long campaign, MiD DAY will focus on these killer stretches. We hope the authorities will too.

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Killer Road: KC marg, Bandra

Accident spots:
Outside Lilavati hospital
No of accidents in 2011: 4
No of deaths: 5

MiD DAY Road analysis: Narrow road, traffic signal showing amber colour during off-peak hours, which causes confusion

Case Study
In March last year, a speeding car coming from the opposite direction collided with Mayur Kate's bike on this road. Kate and his friend, who was riding pillion, were badly injured in the accident. Kate has metal rod inserted in his leg, while his friend escaped unhurt.

A policeman from the Bandra police station, on condition of anonymity, said, "The accidents which occur on these roads are due to rash driving, and mostly and due to the twisting road."

"There have been a few changes on the spot since the accident, where police have out up barricades to prevent motorists from driving across the road. Nevertheless, the signals at the hospital intersection are always on amber, meaning there is a free flow of traffic from all directions. There are always near misses happening on the hour," said Mayur Kate, who was injured in a accident on this road.

Amruta Aundhkar, a resident of the area said, "There have been cases of accidents wherein cars come speeding and collide into the dividers. Also, children from slums play on the road and come in the way of vehicles."

Killer Road: Western Express Highway
Accident spots: From National Park to Dasha-Mata mandir
No of accidents in 2011: 12
No of deaths: 4

MiD DAY Road analysis: Patchy roads with no clear lane markings.

Case Study
On March 2, 23-year-old son Tapan Mehta, who was riding pillion on a bike with a friend, Umanad Saini was hit by a speeding truck from behind. The bike skidded on some oil spill on the Western Express Highway near Kandivli, claiming both their lives.

ASI Sandeep Jadhav from Kasturba Marg police station said, "Bikes usually ply with a speed of around 60 to 80 km/hr on the highway, while cars and other heavy motor vehicles ply with a speed of over 100 km/hr.  This phenomenon is especially prevalent near exists or entry points to service roads on the highway when a biker instinctively lowers his speed but a car behind that is plying at a relatively higher speed finds it difficult to control its speed just in time and may dash him. Hence a separate lane is essential for the safety of bikers on
the highway."

"The authorities must demarcate a separate lane for motorbikes on the highway as their speed varies from other cars and heavy motor-vehicles. My son would have been alive today had this been the case. My son had survived the fall because of the oil-spill and could have escaped with minor injuries. However, the speeding truck that came from behind at that very moment crushed my child to death," said Rupal Mehta, Tapan's mother.

Suman Sourabh, a resident of Kandivli said, "I usually use the highway to go to station and have seen cases of bikers falling. They shouldn't drive rashly or cut lanes, at least on the highway where there are speeding vehicles."

Killer Road: Borivli (E), Western Express Highway
Accident spots: Oberoi junction to Jaico Junction
No of accidents in 2011: 2
No of deaths: 2

MiD DAY Road analysis: No foot-over bridge for pedestrians on busy intersections and traffic signals is cause for concern on this busy road.

Case Study
On November 26 last year, Sushant Shirodkar met with a gruesome accident after a construction mixer truck hit and dragged him a few metres, injuring him fatally. Sushant who sustained severe injuries on his stomach succumbed in hospital the next day.

An officer from Vanrai police station, requesting anonymity, said, "The sole objective of construction mixer trucks and dumpers is to make as much profit as possible in a short time. In this bargain they flout all the rules of safe driving and endanger people's lives." He added, "There is no subway or foot-over bridge for pedestrians on a 3-km stretch from Girwani Estate upto the Hub mall. As a result pedestrians trying to cross over get hit by fast-moving vehicles on the highway."

"The government must bring in stricter laws to regulate trucks that ply in the city and ensure that they drive safely. What happened to my son should not be repeated in someone else's case. It pains me that the accused who was driving the vehicle is already out on bail. This only sets a wrong example for the others," said Anuya Shirodkar, Sushant's mother.

Richard Johnny, who works with an advertising firm, said, "The drivers of heavy vehicles should drive safely and also people should not cross the road abruptly."

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