Mumbai: Mumbra building takes down hypocritical 'vegetarians only' board

Updated: May 20, 2017, 14:38 IST | Faisal Tandel

Following this mid-day's report, Mumbra residents take down the controversial board which displayed 'rule' barring non-vegetarians from residing in the building in Mumbai

The board had been put up at Shiv Darshan building's entrance
The board had been put up at Shiv Darshan building's entrance

Left with a bad taste in their mouth a day after mid-day carried a front-page report about their hypocritical 'vegetarians only' rule, Mumbra's Shiv Darshan building has taken down the controversial board, which carried the absurd rule.

Several of the building's residents are meat-eaters, but the board, which declared that only vegetarians would be allowed to buy or rent flats, was put up only recently. The building chairman denied putting it up and said that 'the rule' has been in place for years.

Confusion cleared
Ravindra Tayade, senior police inspector, Mumbra police station confirmed the development and said the board, which had been put at the entrance of the building, has been removed. DS Swami, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 1, Thane said, "Few days ago our officials have visited the building and cleared it. Then too, today [Friday] the residents were called, and any confusion they had was cleared, so that no law and order is disturbed in the future."

Among the several residents called to the police station was Geeta Mule, who claimed the board was put up while she was trying to sell her house to Muslim buyers. "The officials took my statement and asked me who put up the board. I said that I am unaware, and the other residents know better," added Mule.

Cops offer help to sell flat
Tayade allegedly asked Mule not to stretch the issue further, as it could lead to a Hindu-Muslim case.

However, Mule claims, "The police, especially Tayade, assured me that they will help me in selling the flat and let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing it. I don't have any problem with the police or the residents. The only problem I had was with the board. How could someone put up such a board?" Mule recently put up her flat for sale for Rs 13 lakh.

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