Mumbai: Now, Eman Ahmed's mother levels shocking allegations against Dr Lakdawala and Saifee Hospital

Updated: Apr 28, 2017, 10:45 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty |

Eman Ahmed Abdulati's mother releasing a video in which she alleges Dr Muffazal Lakdawala and Saifee Hospital got Eman to Mumbai on false promises , took advantage of her condition to gain publicity

Eman finally underwent a CT scan yesterday
Eman finally underwent a CT scan yesterday

Eman Ahmed Abdulati's family will not go down without a fight. A day after her sister Shaimaa Salim's video went viral and she spoke exclusively with mid-day, levelling shocking allegations against bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala and Saifee Hospital, her mother, Thanaa Ahmed, too, released a scathing video. In it, she reiterated Shaimaa's accusations and pleaded for help.

In the video, which runs into 2 minutes 48 seconds, Thaana (54) alleged that Dr Lakdawala and Saifee Hospital got Eman to Mumbai on false promises and took advantage of her condition to gain publicity. "When Dr Muffazal Lakdawala came to our house three months ago, he promised us that he would keep Eman in the hospital till she was able to walk. Now, the doctor wants to send her back in just three months. He won an award for treating my daughter and now, he just wants to wash his hands of the matter. He managed to smile at functions when my daughter lay motionless," she said.

Dr Lakdawala, a renowned bariatric surgeon, was recently felicitated for his contribution to the medical field, and not particularly for the medical history he aimed at scripting with the Eman case.

Worried that "Eman would die" if she doesn't get timely help for her violent seizures, Thanaa said, "I ask people to save my daughter and treat her in some other hospital. Being a mother, I can't see her in that condition."

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Shaimaa told mid-day that Thanaa found out about Eman's allegedly deteriorating condition only recently, and has been inconsolable since then. "I didn't want to tell her anything as she stays alone and suffers from high blood pressure. But when Eman's condition didn't improve, I had to tell her."

Eman's mother Thanaa in her scathing video
Eman's mother Thanaa in her scathing video

Egyptians docs bristle
Thanaa and Shaimaa's videos have gone viral in Egypt, turning a large section of Egyptians against the Indian medical fraternity. When Eman was brought to Mumbai in February, support and cheers had poured in from across Egypt.

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The videos have also given ammo to the Egyptian medical community, which had seen Eman's treatment in India as an affront. Once word got out last year that Eman's family had chosen Mumbai, Egypt had put together a crack team of doctors.

"Eman was offered treatment at the best hospital in Egypt. Even Army surgeons came forward to help her out. But, the family decided to go with Mumbai, believing the promises made by Saifee hospital," said a doctor from Egypt.

Dr Mohey Elbanna, professor of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery at Ain Shams University from Cairo who had offered to treat Eman back home in Egypt, refused to comment on the family's "personal decision". "But after we saw the videos (of Thanaa and Shaimaa), some doctors think Egypt was more competent to handle the case," he said.

Shaimaa said she was so swayed by Saifee Hospital's promises that she refused all other offers for help. "I had offers from even Dubai. The Mumbai doctors have given half the treatment and abandoned Eman."

She demanded an external expert to be brought into Saifee Hospital to review the treatment given to Eman so far. "I don't trust the hospital anymore. I want a doctor from outside the hospital to cross-check the documents."

Eman was offered help by Egyptian Army officials and top bariatric surgeons of her country prior to coming down to Mumbai
Eman was offered help by Egyptian Army officials and top bariatric surgeons of her country prior to coming down to Mumbai

CT scan performed
Meanwhile, yesterday, a CT scan was finally performed on Eman. The report, prepared by Dr Rajiv Mehta, chief consultant and head of department of imaging sciences at Saifee Hospital, showed an old vascular injury in the brain, and no fresh intracranial haemorrhage.

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Dr Arun B Shah, head of the department of neurology at Saifee and Reliance Hospitals and Eman's neurologist, said the report was proof that she had suffered no fresh stroke since her arrival in Mumbai. He said her seizures are being caused by scar epilepsy. Eman will need to continue with her medication and neurological rehabilitation therapy.

Huzaifa Shehabi, chief operating officer of Saifee Hospital, trashed the family's allegations. "We have provided the best treatment and her condition has improved by over 75 per cent. Only the treating doctor can decide how long a patient should be kept in a hospital. The family should be happy that she has made so much progress and is able to go home." He said the family had been told at the start that the hospital holds expertise in only obesity-related ailments.

Dr Lakdawala was unavailable for comment.

171 kg Eman's weight as of yesterday, as per Saifee Hospital

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