Karan Joseph death: Bandra society asks Rishi Shah to vacate flat

Sep 18, 2017, 08:24 IST | Asif Rizvi and Suraj Ojha

With a suspected drug peddler being caught in the Bandra building, housing society evicts music entrepreneur Rishi Shah; he says he had been planning to leave flat anyway

Shah lives on the 12th floor of Concorde Apts
Shah lives on the 12th floor of Concorde Apts

Already under a magnifying glass for his alleged role in the suicide of musician Karan Joseph, Rishi Shah has now been asked to vacate the 12th floor flat he shared with Karan in Concorde Apartments, Bandra West. Upset by the death in their building, society members have also alleged that drug peddlers frequented Rishi's flat.

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Rishi Shah after recording his statement at Bandra police station
Rishi Shah after recording his statement at Bandra police station

Karan's fall to death from the 12th floor apartment and the rumours about Shah's connection to it are not the only things that have upset other residents.

Mujahid Zaki, secretary of Concorde building, said, "We have told the owner of the flat to ask the tenant to leave, as there were several complaints against him. This includes a recent complaint about a drug peddler getting caught on his way to the current occupant's (Rishi) flat."

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A society member said, "We were already disturbed after Karan Joseph's tragic death. Add to that, the arrest of a drug peddler from the building and the previous complaints against Rishi."

Building secretary Zaki added, "There were previous complaints about him being rude and arrogant to others. Hence, the decision has been taken to evict him."

Drug bust in the building
In fact, they allege the drug peddler was visiting Rishi as recently as September 11 - two days after Karan's death. On September 11, Morris Attiti, a Nigerian national, was caught in the building with 13 g of cocaine (worth Rs 65,000).

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Police investigations revealed that Morris was a regular visitor at the building and used to allegedly visit Rishi's flat.

A police officer said, "While investigating the case of Karan's alleged suicide, it was learned that a drug peddler used to visit the building. A trap was laid and the suspect was caught. A separate case has been registered against the accused under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, after he was found in possession of cocaine."

Insulted Karan's friend on FB
The police investigations into Karan's alleged suicide have now focused on an event held at Pali Hill lounge in Bandra West on September 2, where Karan and singer Rohan Mazumdar shared the stage together.

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According to the police, Rishi had also heard them perform. Following the event, on September 7, Rishi wrote a Facebook post insulting Rohan: "Rohan is a bad singer, he smells bad and nobody should share the stage with him."

Karan was torn
The post was later deleted from social media, but the cops believe that this widened the rift between Rishi and Karan's other friends. Sources said this was supported by the statements recorded by the police.

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The sources added that Karan has been described as an emotional person, and he may have been under pressure to choose between Rishi or his other friends.

A police officer said, "A day before his alleged suicide, Karan had called several of his friends, but most of the phone calls went unanswered. We think that Karan was tense about this."

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Karan Joseph suicide

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