Mumbai's wild side

Aug 22, 2013, 03:14 IST | Hassan M Kamal and Dhara VOra

Before the monsoon comes to an end, The Guide tempts you to bring out your gear and explore these natural spaces in and around the city

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali
This forest offers almost everything from rock climbing and boating to nature trails as well as the Tiger and Lion Safari.
What you can do
>> Sightseeing, Tiger and Lion Safari, train ride, rock climbing as well as cycling.
Popular trails:
Shilonda Trail, Gomukh trails (second highest point at SGNP), Jambul Maal (highest point at SGNP)
How to reach: SGNP is accessible from Borivali (East)
>>Regular trails are organised by Jumpstart, Bombay Natural History Society and Bhramati 365

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Powai Lake
Located in the middle of the Powai, this artificial lake is a a great place for boating, fishing, nature walks, treks and more at the Powai
What to do
>> Sightseeing and boating
>> Walk around the Lake Promenade
>> Regular nature walks are organised by Bombay Natural History Society.
>> Visit the lake for a boat ride or the Devi’s temple.
How to reach: Powai lake is accesible through Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road. Nearest station is Kanjurmarg.


Mahrashtra Nature Park
Attend regular nature walks and workshops on environment, mangroves and rain water harvesting organised by the Maharashtra Nature Society. 
What to do
>> Shop green vegetables at Farmers Market
>> Study books on environment at the library.
>> Learn about the city mangroves and know more about rain water harvesting.
How to reach: The park is located next to Dharavi depot. nearest station: Sion and Chunabhatti.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, (entry: Thane)
“The Natoinal Park comprises mixed deciduous trees and the eastern side of the Park is steeper,” informs Atul Sathe of Bombay Natural History Society.
What to do
>> Go photo happy as you will find various seasonal flowers.
>> One can also spot langurs, onkeys and different birds such as the White-browed Bulbul, Purple Sunbird adn Racket-tailed Drongo.
Popular trails: BNHS conducts expert trails in this section and you can have a good time learnign different bird calls.
One can also get an aerial view of Tusli lake from a walk through the woods near the Mulund side (from Yogi Hills) of the forest.
How to reach: The Manpada and Yeoor entry are accesible by both bus and autorickshaws. 

How to sign up?
Jumpstart Outdoors (9819726688)
Bhramanti 365 (9819657022)
Bombay Natural History Society (22821811)
Maharashtra Nature Park Society (24077641)
Sanjay Gandhi National Park (28860362)

The newer part of the city offers differnet options for nature lovers. From mudflats in some regions attracting wader birds to seasonal waterfalls.
What to do
Walk through the woods.
>> Observe insects frogs and reptiles adn observe monsoon flora and fauna.
>> The Pandavkhada waterfall on the other side of the hills is sadly now closed for public.
How to reach: The hills are a ten minute walk from Kharghar. Also it is better to go with nature groups as permissions are required to enter some locations. BNHS conducts trails in this region.

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