Mumbai shocker! Celebrity planner stalked, stranger follows her home at 2 am

Aug 08, 2017, 16:12 IST | Suraj Ojha

As Chandigarh's Varnika Kundu steels herself for an uphill battle against stalker Vikas Barala and a misogynistic system, an Andheri-based wedding planner has been through a disturbingly similar ordeal

Aditi Kapoor was tucking her kids in bed when the man (below) rang her doorbell

As Chandigarh's Varnika Kundu steels herself for an uphill battle against stalker Vikas Barala and a misogynistic system, an Andheri-based wedding planner has been through a disturbingly similar ordeal. Aditi Kapoor, 38, who has planned Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza's wedding, was tailgated to her home in Amboli at 2 am on Monday by a stranger.

The man even had the audacity to ring her doorbell and try to strike up a conversation with her, fearing neither the CCTV cameras around nor the security guard.

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Revealing her horrifying experience, Kapoor told mid-day that she went out on Sunday night with her two children and sister in a car, and returned home around 2 am. "I was tucking my children into bed when the doorbell rang. I wondered who could be paying a visit that late in the night, opened the door and found a man who looked drunk standing at my doorstep."

He feared nothing
On being questioned, he said he was thirsty and wanted a glass of water. "I told him to leave immediately. I then quickly locked the door," said Kapoor.

She tried to call the building security's guard via intercom, but was unsuccessful.

Kapoor then looked out via the door's peephole and found, to her utter shock, the man still standing at the door without a glimmer of fear in his eyes.

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She then drew the guard's attention through the window and asked him how he had let the stranger in. The guard revealed that the man had followed her car into the premises and had even claimed to be with her when he was stopped at the gate.

Kapoor and the guard then spotted the man sitting inside a white Honda City, parked right outside the gate. Although shaken, Kapoor gathered her wits and took photographs of the man. Even after he saw her gathering evidence, he coolly sat inside his car, displaying no fear of action or remorse. "It was only after I began yelling at him that I would call the police that he finally left," said Kapoor.

Armed with the photographs, Kapoor approached the police, who registered a case against the unidentified man under Section 354(D) (stalking) of the IPC. "We are investigating the case and are looking at the CCTV camera footage from the housing society," said a police officer.

Stalking attracts a fine and a jail term of up to three years for first conviction, and up to five for subsequent offences.
Putting a spotlight on the crime Kapoor later took to Facebook, like Kundu -- whose ordeal has once again opened a dialogue on the safety of women in public places -- to highlight the chilling episode. She wrote in her post: "This is shocking and nerve wrecking.

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In the last 10 years, I've always felt safe in Bombay, and in the same breath have always cursed Delhi! But last night showed me a different side to my 'not so safe anymore' city! 2 women and 2 kids in a car together don't stop a random man from stalking and following you up to your house and ringing your door bell at 2 am! He didn't have any fear in his eyes, a fear of being captured by security cameras, interrogation by security guards or threats of Police! He just hung around coolly in his car long after the incident very comfortable in getting his pictures clicked! (sic)"

Kundu was chased through the streets of Chandigarh and almost kidnapped on August 4, by Vikas Barala, son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala, and his friend. The two tailgated her in their SUV, tried to block her, banged on her window and attempted to force her car door open. The police have been accused of trying to go soft on Barala, but they have apparently unearthed some evidence of the chase on five CCTV cameras.

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