Mumbai: Soon, call or SMS for food during train trip

Apr 27, 2013, 07:16 IST | Vedika Chaubey

With Central Railway's new initiative you can order food during journey over phone, either by SMS or by dialling a number

In an attempt to improve the quality of food being served to passengers on Central Railway, the authorities are in the process of initiating a food service that would allow passengers to call for their food through a call or SMS. If all goes according to the plan, the initiative can take off within a month.

Central Railway has received many requests from passengers to improve the food served on trains. Representation pic

According to the Central Railway officials, they have been receiving many suggestions mostly complaints about the food served to passengers onboard. “Passengers say that the food they get is not up to mark and sometimes it is stale. With this new concept, we will be able to retain the freshness of food being served,” said a senior official from CR. The CR authorities have conducted a survey of passengers and vendors and have got good responses for the plan from both parties. The tenders have already been floated and the work will begin in a month.

S V Ingle, Chief Commercial Manager, CR, said, “We are getting a good response from the vendors and have already floated a tender. If all goes well, the initiative should be implemented within a month.” The authorities will assign a different number to each section. For example, Mumbai-Pune section will have one number and Mumbai-Varanasi section will have a different number for rail users to dial in.

The numbers will be put up in coaches of trains. “We are working on the numbers to be assigned for each section and are also looking at picking simple combinations so that it's easy for passengers to remember. We also spoke to a few passengers and they looked happy and in fact they requested us to start this service as soon as possible,” informed the official.

MiD DAY spoke to a few passengers and got mixed reactions. Hema Kumari, who commutes regularly between Mumbai and Varanasi, said, “Most of the time I don't have the time to make food to be carried for journey. This is a very good step by the CR authorities and they should work on it soon.” However, another regular traveller, Munesh Shah didn't seem too excited about the plans. “The vendors will have a certain monopoly in that area and in case the food is not up to the mark, we won't have much choice but eat the same.” 

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