Mumbai: Sydney-Dubai flight lands at T2 after medical emergency

Jun 25, 2015, 06:55 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

The Emirates flight, an Airbus 380, from Sydney to Dubai landed after two passengers complained of feeling sick; they were later taken to SevenHills Hospital

An Emirates flight, an Airbus 380, had to make an emergency landing at the city’s international terminal (T2) on Wednesday afternoon. The flight was flying to Dubai from Sydney and had to make an emergency landing after two passengers complained of feeling sick.

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Stefan Spatino, who complained of feeling ill, was one of the passengers offloaded
Stefan Spatino, who complained of feeling ill, was one of the passengers offloaded

The non-scheduled Emirates flight EK 415 (registration A6-EDE) that landed at T2 at 2.10 pm on Wednesday could depart only at around 4 pm. Two of the passengers on the flight complained of feeling sick, after which the pilot sought the city’s Air Traffic Control’s (ATC) permission for emergency landing.

One of the passengers, Stefan Spatino (seated on 76 H), a 21-year-old Australian complained of chest pain and was offloaded. “After seeing him, another onboard passenger, a senior citizen complained of high blood pressure,” said an MIAL spokesperson.

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There were total of 444 passengers and 26 crewmembers on board. The MIAL on duty doctors were immediately called and initial medical attention was provided to Stefan and Henson Carmel (a 64-year-old passenger). After that these passengers were rushed to the SevenHills hospital for further treatment.

A total of five passengers were offloaded after completing the immigration formalities. These five include Stefan’s parents John and Caterina, and Henson’s husband Malcolm. “The two passengers complained of various reasons like chest pain, stomach pain and headache, and hence were rushed to SevenHills Hospital for further treatment,” said an airport official present at the spot.

The flight, however, could take off only after all the immigration formalities were completed and the five passengers were allowed to deplane. The two ailing fliers were admitted to the hospital. The A380 then took off with the same number of crew and 439 passengers at 3.46 pm.

Official speak
“Emirates flight EK 415 from Sydney to Dubai on 24th June was diverted to Mumbai due to a passenger medical emergency. The passenger was assisted off the aircraft to receive medical attention.

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The aircraft has since left Mumbai and landed in Dubai at 16:48 local time. Emirates apologises for any inconvenience. The safety of our passengers and crew is of paramount importance,” said an official spokesperson of Emirates.

Passenger detained
At about 4 am on Wednesday, immigration officers detained a lady passenger, Phendu Phliswa, who was to fly by Ethopian Airline’s flight ET 611 (Mumbai-Addis Ababa) at around 5.30 am. She was detained for carrying a fake Indian visa. As the matter is being investigated, the passenger has been kept in the deportee room.

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