Mumbai: Teen stabbed multiple times while rescuing sisters from goons

Nov 14, 2015, 07:41 IST | Sagar Rajput

The 18-year-old told off the three goons who were harassing his sisters on the street; two of the goons held him, while the third slashed his face and stabbed him in the abdomen

On Diwali night, good triumphed over evil once again, and an 18-year-old boy in Mulund survived a deadly attack by local goons after he tried to stop them from harassing his sisters. The Std XII student was stabbed in the abdomen and slashed on his face, but managed to rescue his sisters. The accused were arrested the following day.

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18-year-old Manish Chauhan was attacked as he came to the rescue of his two sisters. He was slashed on in his face and stabbed in the abdomen. Pic/Rajesh Gupta
18-year-old Manish Chauhan was attacked as he came to the rescue of his two sisters. He was slashed on in his face and stabbed in the abdomen. Pic/Rajesh Gupta

The incident took place around 10 pm on Wednesday night, as Shrimanti Chauhan (22) and her sister Kusum (16) were on their way home to Goshala Road after buying crackers. About five minutes from their house, they encountered a trio who were bursting crackers on the road. They halted their scooter and waited for the boys to stop, but when 10 minutes had passed, they asked the boys to let them go.

"We waited for a bit, but then they purposely started taking more time. We asked them to let us go," said Shrimanti.

Instead, the boys began to abuse them and surrounded the two-wheeler. "We got scared as they started to come closer to us. They threatened to strip us in public. I was scared for the safety of my younger sister, and called my brother for help. He rushed to our aid within minutes," added Shrimanti, who is in the final year of her BMS course.

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But when Manish (18) intervened, the trio turned on him. Two of them – identified as Ajay Raju Heere (22) and Amar Budha Heere (22) held him, while the third accused — a minor — stabbed him repeatedly.

"I asked them why they were abusing my sisters, and they assaulted me. Two of them held my arms tightly, while the third removed a blade from his pocket and slashed me all over my face. He even stabbed me in the abdomen, but luckily that was not a deep cut,” said the teenager, who had to have 26 stitches on his face.

'No one helped'
He also said that although a crowd had gathered around them, no one had come forward to help him.

Later, one of his cousins saw what was happening and ran to inform the family. Manish’s father had just returned from work, when he heard about the brawl and ran there.

"I had just come back from work and was paying the rickshaw fare when I noticed that a crowd had gathered there. Then my nephew told me that Manish had been attacked, and we ran to help him. The accused escaped and we took Manish to Agarwal Hospital," said Manish’s father, Vikas.

Police says
They filed a complaint at Mulund police station and the three accused were arrested on Thursday.

Senior Police Inspector Rajaram Vanmane, from Mulund police station, said, "As soon as they approached us, we registered a case under Section 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means) of the Indian Penal Code and nabbed the three accused from their respective residences at Goshala Road."

Two of them — Ajay and Amar — were produced in Mulund court yesterday and were released on bail, while the minor was sent to a juvenile remand home.

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