Mumbai teenager commits suicide over proposal to classmate

Apr 16, 2014, 06:35 IST | Shiva Devnath

14-year-old Anuj Chavan had professed his love to a girl in his class, whose parents complained to the school's principal; afraid of the disciplinary action in store for him, the boy jumped before a moving train

Professing his love to a classmate in school drove a teenaged boy to suicide, cops have revealed. The boy had been summoned to the principal’s office with his parents, after the young girl complained about the boy’s gesture to the head of the institution.

Anuj’s severed body was found on the
railway tracks in Kandivli on March 25

Afraid of the consequences of his actions, the 14-year-old boy committed suicide by jumping before a moving train.

Anuj Chavan, a student of Bharat Bharti School, told his classmate that he loved her on March 23, prompting the girl to complain to her parents. The next day, the girl, along with her parents, arrived at the school and complained to the principal about Anuj.

The principal then summoned Anuj, and asked him to report to his office the next day, with his parents. The next day, on March 25, Anuj left his home for school. His parents were later informed that he did not show up at all that day.

Anuj’s worried parents registered a missing person’s complaint at the Kandivli police station. On Sunday, the cops got a call from Bhagwati Hospital, telling them that an unidentified body had been lying in the mortuary, and asking them to see if it was the missing boy’s.

Reaching the hospital, the police identified Anuj with the help of a photograph that his parents had provided them with. His parents also identified the body as their son’s.

The staff at the hospital informed the police that the severed body had been found on the railway tracks in Kandivli on March 25. The body had been lying in the morgue for over a fortnight because the Kandivli GRP had mistakenly tagged it as belonging to a 28-year-old man.

Trying to understand the events that led to his death, cops spoke to Anuj’s family, friends and schoolmates, who revealed that the boy had been in absolute terror because the principal of the school had summoned him to his office with his parents, to address the matter of his inappropriate overtures to a girl in his class.

“We have registered an Accidental Death Report (ADR), and his body has been handed over to his family members,” said an officer at the station.

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