Mumbai: Tomato prices take a dip due to rains

Nov 01, 2014, 08:04 IST | Ankoor Anvekar

Ample rainfall last month has led to increased vegetable supply in the past two weeks, bringing wholesale prices down considerably at the market

For the past two months, vegetables prices were fluctuating due to delayed rains and the late harvest that followed. However, the untimely but sufficient showers last month has led to an increase in the supply of vegetables to the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) market in the past two weeks, bringing prices down considerably.

tomato prices dip
There has been an increase in the supply of tomatoes from Nashik and Karnataka, leading to a 50 per cent cut in prices at APMC. File pic

Officials said that the market has been receiving an average of 500 to 600 trucks of vegetables on a daily basis, compared to the usual 350 to 400 trucks. Traders revealed that with the boost in supply, prices of several vegetables, especially tomato, have fallen.

Due to increase in supply from Karnataka and from within the state as well, rates of tomato came down to Rs 8 to Rs 10 per kg in the wholesale market, compared to Rs 16 to Rs 20 per kg two weeks ago. “This time the production of tomatoes has increased manifold in Nashik district and hence the rates have fallen considerably. The Nashik district is responsible for a sizeable portion of the tomato supply across the state,” said a senior APMC official.

“Due to the favourable weather, farmers got a good output during harvest. The rates have fallen, and the dip in prices will continue for few more weeks,” said Ramdas Pawale, a vegetable trader. Higher production has brought down rates of other vegetables as well, including carrot, cabbage, tendli (ivy gourd), green peas and green chilli.

On the other hand, prices of a few vegetables such as gawar (cluster beans), cauliflower and okra have remained constant, unaffected by the rainfall.

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