Mumbai: Vibgyor school, neighbouring building fight over 'land'

Feb 26, 2016, 09:47 IST | Pallavi Smart

Parents of students of pre-primary section of Vibgyor School, Goregaon; are a scared lot after witnessing a complete chaos outside the school on Thursday

Parents of pre-primary section students of Vibgyor School, Goregaon are a scared lot after witnessing a complete chaos outside the school on Thursday.

Residents of the locality had blocked the lane that connects school with the main road which resulted in stopping the school buses, cars or rickshaws at the main road. The students, thus had to walk to school.

The said lane has been a point of debate between Vibgyor School and the neighbouring building – Aster. Almost every week there are arguments and similar issues where Aster building residents are seen arguing with school authorities. However, on Thursday, the activity appeared to be pre-planned, as there was haphazard parking in the lane blocking it.

One of the parents who was present at the scene on Thursday afternoon, said, "It was a complete chaos. We had to stop our vehicle far away from school and had to walked the entire lane. There were vehicles parked in the lane in a way that no vehicle could pass through it. It is very scary if children have to walk this lane everyday. Even the school principal was out on road negotiating with the residents of the building. There is argument between school and residents but it is the children who are suffering.”

Another parent who got worried when her son reached home almost an hour late said, "If a child is almost an hour late from the regular time it is definitely a matter of concern. The shouting and arguments on the lane was uncomfortable for kids. I would definitely not like my child to be in such a uncomfortable and unsafe position. I am now thinking whether to send my child to school or not for next few days." Few parents have also alleged how there is a legal matter between school and the neighbouring building regarding the land that has led to such arguments.

When contacted school, the Trustee of Vibgyor High, Rustom Kerawala completely denied any legal matter. He said, "There is an argument over usage of the said lane. The residents are alleging that the school buses cause traffic. But if then there are appropriate ways to deal with it and ways to approach authorities. This is not the way. The residents need not take law in their hands. We had to approach police to resolve the situation."

Meanwhile, school has asked the parents of the ward to gather at the school at 9 am on Saturday to protest outside the said building - Aster with black flags 'to give them the taste of their own medicine.'

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