Beware Mumbaikars! What you order is not what you get

Sep 16, 2016, 10:40 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Mumbai’s Kokilaben Hospital recently served a salad with worms to a dengue patient. But, this is not an isolated incident. A look at cases where unsuspecting customers got 'more' than what they asked for

Mumbai’s Kokilaben Hospital in Andheri recently served a salad with worms to a dengue patient. But, this is not an isolated incident. A look at cases where unsuspecting customers got 'more' than what they asked for.

Man orders wrap from fast food joint, finds plastic cap inside: In August 2016, Faasos left one of its regular customers with a bad taste in the mouth after he discovered an unexpected ingredient in his wrap — a plastic cap. To cap it all, the fast food chain chose not to respond to his emailed complaint, and instead called and offered to give him two free meals. At lunchtime in his Parel office, Kewal Doshi and his colleagues decided to order rolls from Faasos, as they often did. He never imagined that the Rs 100 egg wrap would threaten his very life. “We all regularly order from the branch in Parel. On Monday, I ordered an egg wrap, but after two bites, I felt a hard object in my mouth. When I spat it out, I was surprised to see the plastic cap. It could have proved deadly had I gulped it down,” said Doshi, further adding, “This kind of negligence, that too by such a well-known eatery, is unacceptable.” (Read More)

Man served cockroach in meal on flight: In July 2016, Jet Airways’ breakfast platter served to business class flier Birju Salla had a variety of dishes — paratha, croissant, fruits and, last but not the least, chana masala with cooked cockroach. A vegetarian, Salla claimed that he immediately fell sick but the flight crew instead of offering him medical help, just apologised and offered to replace his food. (Read More)

Posh club's restaurant serves dead fly in spinach soup: In July 2015, the daughter of a member of National Sports Complex of India, Worli, was having spinach soup at one of the restaurants in the club. She found a dead fly in it, and soon began vomiting. Membership of the club costs between Rs 35 lakh and Rs 50 lakh. (Read More)

Man finds flies in bread, Wibs owner gobbles evidence! In August 2015, when a Vashi resident found dead flies in a packet of bread and complained to the company, he never imagined that the proprietors would turn up at his doorstep and gulp down the evidence bread, flies, packet and all. But this is exactly what happened, alleged Ajay Bhanushali (42), who had bought three packets of Wibs bread from a local store. His family was halfway through one of the packets, when they discovered four to five dead houseflies nestled under the remaining slices. (Read More)

Woman finds roll of sticky tape in salad wrap: In May 2014, Deepali Sathe, a graphic designer was shocked after she discovered a roll of adhesive tape inside her salad wrap that she had ordered from the world’s largest fast food chain McDonald’s. Sathe, with her family and friends, was returning from a two-day vacation in Lonavla. While coming back, they decided to get takeaway food from the eatery. “As I was eating the wrap, I felt that I couldn’t take a bite. I checked to see what was wrong and found a complete roll of tape in the wrap. Thankfully, none of the seven kids ate it,” she had said. (Read More)

NRI finds nail in burger: In August 2012, Ruchika Pandey discovered a half-inch nail while chomping on a burger at a McDonald’s outlet in Malad (W). The Dubai resident filed a police complaint. Ruchika was at the Infiniti mall eatery with two friends in tow. “We had ordered three chicken burgers. It was a scary sight when the nail emerged out of my burger. I immediately called the staff and informed them about it,” she had said. (Read More)

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