Mumbaikars once again disappointed by BMC

Jun 10, 2013, 08:23 IST | A Correspondent

With the season's first downpour causing waterlogging and disruption of services, angry citizens slam BMC


As expected, this year too we’ll be facing waterlogging problems. The rains today have confirmed that. - Kaushik Panchal, Andheri resident

I was expecting this, so nothing new for me. Had there been no waterlogging at the Milan Subway it would have been unusual and shocking. However, the new bridge provided some relief to everyday commuters. I wonder when Mumbaikars will be able to enjoy hassle-free monsoons. We all are worried since this was just the second day of showers and we have two more months to go. BMC officials are amongst us and I am sure they too might face the same inconveniences. Then why don’t they work on it? How many years do we have to wait to see the city in a good condition?
- Roshan Jaiswal, S’cruz (East) resident

I am once again disappointed with the BMC officials. It becomes extremely difficult to leave our homes due to waterlogging. I just want to give one message to the concerned officials: Please do not take the public for granted. - Shalin Shah, Andheri (East) resident

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