Murder over a slap!

Sep 12, 2011, 08:51 IST | Atul Krishan

Domestic help confesses to killing his 64-year-old employer in Kalkaji

Domestic help confesses to killing his 64-year-old employer in Kalkaji

Delhi police has claimed to have solved the murder case of 64-year-old Vijay Nindra, who was found murdered in her house in Kalkaji area. Police have arrested her recently recruited domestic help Deepak in connection with the case.

Help needed! Deepak (above) slit the throat of his employer after
she slapped him following an argument.

Additional commissioner of police, Ajay Chaudhary said Deepak had been working at the house of the deceased for two weeks. The official said that she did not get his verification done with the police.

"A day before the murder, the accused had an argument with the deceased. The argument got heated up and in a fit of rage Vijay slapped Deepak for misbehaving. Resenting her action, the accused decided to teach her a lesson. The very next day, he brought a knife from the kitchen and slit her throat, which lead to her death," the police official said.

The official informed that cops received a call about the murder on Friday evening. An officer reached the spot and sent the body for post-mortem. Deepak's statement was also taken then.

Acting smart!
"Deepak told police that on the day of murder, an ex-domestic help of the house had come to meet the deceased and they had an argument. He said that the person who used to work at the house before him is behind the murder," the officer added.

However, police found contradictions in his statement. They also came to know that Deepak had some recent injuries. When asked about them, he did not have anything to say. "Police thoroughly interrogated him, in which he broke down and confessed to his crime.

During the course of murder, the victim bit him on his arm. A sample in this respect has been sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL)," said the police. The official said that the victim used to live with her husband Ranbir Nindra, who is very ill. "She is survived by a daughter and a son. Her daughter lives in Lajpat Nagar area, while her son is settled in the US," the official added.

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