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Sep 12, 2013, 05:27 IST | Kaumudi Gurjar

Pune-based band, Tungztn is on a mission to free music from the bounds of any genre

With a mission to free music from all sorts of barriers -- mainly age and language -- Tungztn is travelling across the length and breadth of the county to launch their second album, Jumpstart, while gauging the response from music lovers.

Abhijeet, Dhananjay and Sheetalchandr of the music band, Tungztn

The city band is attempting to woo music lovers across the world. Founded by three Puneities: guitarist Sheetal-chandr Kulkarni, vocalist and bass player Abhijeet Ranade, and drummer Dhananjay Bhogale; the triad believe in the common principle of freeing music from all clichés of genre and language.

Sheetalchandr Kulkarni
Sheetalchandr Kulkarni, guitarist and back-up vocals

Kulkarni, who hails from a family that boasts of rich lineage in music, says, “We took two years to complete this album, which was recorded in three phases and has gone though a lot of evolution thorough out the process.”

Reacting on the mix of ten tracks, Sheetalchandr comments that the music was composed keeping in mind the mood of the song and words it traces without having prequisites for which genre to stick to.

Dhananjay Bhogale aka Danny, the drummer of the band

Ranade adds, “Being a part of this campaign was not forced on to us. We always believed that music needs to be freed from biases that the industry often creates. We are performing together for almost a decade.

Abhijeet Ranade, vocalist and guitar player of the band

We never played covers and believed in playing original; and over performances we felt the need to create an album. Freeing the music campaign, was a natural process for us.” As his profession demands frequent travels abroad he admits that he got the music germ while waiting in the airport lobby of unknown cities.

Former banker and drummer by choice Dhananjay Bhogale, relays composing songs was an interesting process as all actively participated in it.

Kulkarni explains that all the ten tracks are available on

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