'My 13-year-old son is passing a semen like sticky substance along with urine'

Feb 28, 2014, 12:01 IST | Dr Prakash Kothari and Rachna Kothari

Clinical sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari and Counseling Psychologist Rachna Kothari answer your sex-related queries

Q. My 13-year-old son is passing a semen like sticky substance along with urine. Do I need to consult a doctor?
A. Please remember that semen and urine can never come out together. Only after the urinary bladder neck door closes, the ejaculation (expulsion) of semen is possible. This sticky substance is the secretion of the urethral gland which is situated inside the urethra. This is a normal phenomenon and there is no need whatsoever to consult a doctor for this.

Q. My husband at times does not get an adequate erection. He tried Viagra but it did not give any erection. Please help.
A. Try the same drug once again-only thing you need to remember that Viagra does not create an erection. It enhances the already achieved rigidity only –meaning thereby if you have 0-5% erection, Viagra will not be of any help. But if you have 25% erection, it can increase the rigidity to 95%. When you’re using Viagra please see that you devote enough time to foreplay.

Q. I am getting married and am worried about the disparity in my breast size. Will this create problem in my sexual life? Is there anyway to make them of the same size?
A. Differences in breast size do not lead to any difficulty in sexual arousal or performance and do not cause any sexual dysfunctions whatsoever. The only way by which you can equalise the breasts is surgery which we would not recommend because following the surgical cut, the sensations in the breasts may get hampered which might create difficulty in your sexual arousal.

Q. I am 44 and experiencing pain during penetration. Is there anything that can combat this situation?
A. Menopause in women marks the sudden drop of Estrogen hormone, which leads to dryness of the vagina. This results in pain during penetration. Diet which is rich in estrogen (soya bean, tofu, green vegetables) and Yoga (surya namaskars) can help combat estrogen deficiency to some extent. You can use lubricant like coconut oil to facilitate the entry.

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