My best friend is eyeing my potential girlfriend

Aug 29, 2013, 08:20 IST | Dear Diana

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Dear Diana,
I’m 23 and cherish the bond that I share with my best friend. However, he’s proving to be an obstacle in my love life. I like this girl in our colony whom we went to college with. But I don’t know how to tell her.

Illustration/Amit Bandre

Now I realise my bestie is interested in her too. He has even gone and expressed his feelings to her. I don’t know how to react to this. I don’t even like the idea of him eyeing her especially when he’s well aware of my feelings for her.
-- Surjoy

Dear Surjoy,
You are to blame for your state of affairs. You could not muster up enough courage all these years to express your feelings to her. So you can’t blame your buddy. If the girl was interested in you, she would have dropped some hints. But it looks like she seems to be more interested in your pal rather than you. You are still young and I am sure you will find someone else. Next time remember to express your feelings. Get over this girl. 

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