My best is yet to come, says singer Shaan

Sep 18, 2013, 09:52 IST | Rashmi Henriques

Singer Shaan has just wrapped up a reality show on television where he honed his dancing skills

Back from a much-needed break in Goa, he says “Now when I sing at a concert, I will be able to punch in some dance moves.” In an interview with CS, the singer talks about the current crop of singers and more.

Who: Shaan, Singer
What: On playback singing, newcomers and more

The thrill of performing
As an artist I think you are complete when you can enjoy your music in every format. Likewise, I enjoy singing in every possible way, be it playback or live. Having said that, each form has its own thrill. A lot of energy is needed at live performances, at the same time it is fun and yet challenging. The best part is the connect with fans and the instant response you get, that takes your energy and enthusiasm as a performer to a different level all together.

On a fine tune
In earlier times, there were actor-singer combinations but it’s a different ball game altogether now. Today, It’s more situational and lyrical based. The decision is made by the composer or the films director as to which singer will give playback to the actor. I completely respect the decisions made by all my composers now and in the future too.

No language barrier
I have sung in Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Nepali, English, Hindi, Oriya, Malyalam and Marathi. For me, singing in any regional language is not a cake walk because its not just about knowing the lyrics but also the pronunciation which I like to prepare for thoroughly. Besides that, what is important is bringing the correct emotions and sentiments to a song and that cannot happen without understanding the song.

On the plate
Music director Ismail Darbar is back from a sabbatical. I am working with him for a film to be directed by Kiran Phadnis who also has a keen ear for music. I am also working on my music album. It is interesting to see how music albums are made and marketed in the country via social networking and radio.

A lesson to learners
I always advise beginners to learn a musical instrument and compositions too. This provides a good foundation and fine tunes you to become a good singer. If they take this route coupled with hardwork and dedication, they can definitely go a long way.

On a modest note
I think success is how we take it. At the end of the day when you are appreciated for your work and recognition comes, it is an overwhelming feeling.
Success has never hit my heart and mind. I am a very rooted person. Infact I always keeping working hard to better my music and myself. Hopefully, my best is yet to come.  

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