My boyfriend is not ready for sex...

Mar 04, 2013, 07:12 IST | Diana

My boyfriend and I are both 23 and we have been together for seven months now

Dear Diana,
It’s going great between us. We are meant for each other and I want to marry him. But something about him worries me. You see, he never initiates sex. In fact, he doesn’t even touch me the way boys are supposed to. I wonder what is wrong with him. He’s the innocent type. When I asked him, he said that he isn’t ready for sex.
— Upasna

Dear Upasna,
Your guy is playing safe as he does not know what the future holds for both of you. It seems that you are gung-ho while he is not. In most cases it is the reverse that works — the guy wants to go all out while the girl prefers to be cautious. But you seem to be throwing caution to the winds and don’t have any reservations. May be your guy is of a reserved and shy nature, so take it slowly and gradually. Go slow for now, I am sure your guy will change once he realises that this relationship is for keeps.

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