'My father does not want me to talk to my guy...'

Mar 26, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I am 22 and a student of business management. I am fond of this guy in college

Dear Diana,
I am 22 and a student of business management. I am fond of this guy in college. He is a year senior to me. We constantly catch up with each other and he also helps me with my project presentations and studies. One day, my father saw his SMS asking me to come along for a college picnic to Khandala. He blew his top and asked me to stop talking to him. I told him what my father said so he stopped talking to me. After we stopped meeting each other, I realised I was in love with him. In college, too, he avoids me. He seems happy without me. I miss him and don't have a close friend anymore. My family will never accept him. What should I do? Should I start talking to him again? It hurts when I see him talking to other girls.
— Juhi


Dear Juhi,
You suddenly decided to stop communicating with him after what your father said. So you cannot blame the guy to have moved on so quickly and be happy about it. It hurts when he talks to girls, because you care for him. You are in love with him. So instead of cribbing and complaining about what he is doing, what has stopped you from having a conversation with your father? The text message may have flashed on your smartphone and your father happened to read it. But at that point of time, he reacted to perhaps the way the SMS was written. It is likely that he misunderstood the conversation. If only you had explained to him that it was a college picnic and you were not going alone with him. You preferred to keep mum, so there is no point reacting to it now. If you had voiced your opinion, things would have been different. I suggest talk it over with your dad and then tell your guy what happened. I am sure things will be back to how they were before.

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