'My girlfriend just dumped me...'

Mar 14, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

I was with this girl for almost three years. Last week, she suddenly decided to dump me

Dear Diana,
I was with this girl for almost three years. Last week, she suddenly decided to dump me. I had no clue about it nor saw it coming. She just told me she does not want to see my face again. She used to do such terrible things to me, used me, took advantage of my time and money. Despite all this, I told her let’s still be friends. She said she didn’t even want to be friends anymore, and told me to get lost. She broke up with me because she felt I was cheating on her. I spent and devoted all my free time with her. She levelled unfair accusations at me. I lost so many of my friends because of her. They used to warn me about her, but I just could not see that side of her. I find myself alone and lonely. More importantly, I am shocked by her behaviour.
- Rajveer

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Dear Rajveer,
You were so much in love with her that you were blind to her real self. Now that realisation has dawned, you have been taken aback. It has come as a shock to you, but this girl was not for you. She controlled you and you allowed yourself to be a putty in her hands. When she got bored of you, she dumped you like a hot potato. It is really strange that you did not see it coming. You have lost your pals, but if they are your true friends, they will be back in your life. You only have to pour your heart out to them and tell them your woes. I am sure they will understand your plight and things will be back as they were. In the meantime, you will have to contend with heartbreak, but what will help you overcome it is the fact that this girl was not worthy of your love. If she cared for you, she would not have behaved in such a highhanded manner. Move on and find someone worthy of your love.

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