My handlebar moustache will have to: Ranveer Singh

Sep 11, 2013, 08:38 IST | Shaheen Parkar

October 8 it is. Ranveer Singh picks a date to say bye-bye to his prized moustache

Ranveer Singh’s handlebar moustache will be shaved off on October 8. The actor’s now-famous facial fuzz has become such a veritable part of his persona that it has made B-Town forget how he looks clean-shaven. The star, who loves to keep twirling the ends, especially when there are shutterbugs around, will surely miss it.

Ranveer Singh

For almost a year, he has been sporting the look for his upcoming film Ram Leela at director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s insistence.

“Growing it was such a big thing, so I guess removing it will be another event,” guffaws Ranveer who is presently holidaying in South Africa.

So why October 8?
“That’s because around that date I would have finished with the patch work (if any) and dubbing for Ram Leela as well as for my other film Gunday in which I also have a mooch,” says Ranveer. “I have set myself a date of October 8 to go clean-shaven.”

While Ranveer is still wondering how life would be without the whiskers, the moustache had him go through a fair share of controversies, especially during the release of his film Lootera that required him to promote the film in a clean-shaven vintage look.

“In October, I also begin on my next project -- Shaad Ali’s action flick Kill Dil which requires me in another look,” adds Ranveer. But the star strikes a note of caution. “Around Ram Leela’s release, I may resort to another look for its promotions. I haven’t yet decided on that yet. But my handlebar will have to go before that.”

No wonder that Ranveer, who has not touched a razor for months, is looking forward to wield it again. 

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