My mom and my grandma keep fighting

Jun 03, 2013, 08:00 IST | Dear Diana

I'm 15 and studying in the 10th standard

Dear Diana,
My grandmother and my mom don’t get along with each other. They keep quarrelling over petty issues. Both have huge egos and my poor dad often gets stuck between the two. I sometimes feel like taking my grandma to a peaceful place because she’s a genuine person and not a drama queen like my mother. But then I’m too young to do anything about the situation at home. I just want to grow up so that I can make a difference in my grandma’s life.
— Vishwas

Dear Vishwas,
You seem to be granny’s boy. Their constant bickering is affecting you and the peace at home. You are too young to even think of moving out with your grandma. Considering that your father also can’t do much to salvage the situation, the only way you can help is by avoiding their run-ins. Whenever you are free from your studies in the evenings, spend time with your grandmom in a nearby park. Also, suggest to your mother to take up a job or do something creative, so that she is away from home for a few hours and her mind is be diverted. Also tell them that their constant bickering is affecting your studies considering you will be having a board exam coming up. 

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