Nargis Fakhri gets up close and personal in an exclusive interview

Apr 28, 2016, 14:35 IST | Anirban Das

Nargis Fakhri, who has been a part of this industry for almost five years now, gets candid in an interview on competition, link ups, working in the West and more

Unlike many Bollywood celebrities, Nargis Fakhri speaks her mind. We met her at a suburban hotel yesterday and she looked elegant in a top and short skirt. The actress, who made her debut with Imtiaz Ali's 'Rockstar' (2011), is now gearing up for her next release, 'Azhar' where she essays the role of cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin's second wife Sangeeta Bijlani. We ask her some tough questions about her career and personal life and she takes them head on.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. After being criticised for your performance in 'Rockstar' (2011) and not garnering much positive response for 'Madras Cafe' (2013) and 'Main Tera Hero' (2014), was it difficult to get roles?
A. Actually, I was getting offers but they were not interesting enough. I also had to convince my agency that I am only going to sign a film based on its content. They did stress on the importance of a production house backing the film but that doesn't bother me. I am not someone who signs film just because a big filmmaker is backing it. I will sign films only if the story is good.

Nargis Fakhri
Nargis Fakhri

Q. Even after spending nearly five years in the industry, you are not considered competition to the younger lot of actresses or the established ones. Do you think you have contemporaries in the industry?
A. No. I feel like an alien. But I am happy with the work I am doing. I do not have people backing me, so someone please help me (laughs).

Q. How is it to know that industry kids get more importance?
A. I think it's good for them.

Q. Are you trying to make friends here because that's one way to bag roles in big projects?
A. I know but that isn't my personality. I do get invites for parties but I do not even attend them. People tell me it's a part of your job, but that's not what I prefer to do. I am told that some filmmakers might take it negatively, but I love being myself and will do what I love to. I would rather sleep at home than attend a party. I know that wouldn't go down well with some people and they will speak about me negatively, but there are people who have worked with me and will talk positively about my personality which will be helpful.

Q. But it was also said that you behave weirdly on the set of Azhar and that it seemed that you were high on something.
A. What? Honestly, I report to set on time, work hard, engage in good conversation with my colleagues, complete my work and go home. It's sad people are so judgmental and spread rumours.

Q. On a scale of one-ten, how much do you rate yourself?
A. I can't do that. I have spent five years in this industry and still getting work. It means that I must be doing enough good work to get offers.

Q. Was acting your passion or it happened accidentally?
A. Accidentally. In fact I never thought of becoming a model. I did modelling because I wanted to earn money and travel. I have studied arts and therapy. If not an actor, I would have loved to help children facing medical conditions.

Q. Being in the glam world, you have learnt the art of keeping your personal life private.
A. That's not right. I am just very picky when it comes to having a boyfriend. At the moment, I have no time to find a special person to talk about. I have been linked to Uday Chopra because I went out for coffee with him. I have been linked to Shahid Kapoor just because I once visited his house. That's unfair. The day I find someone — that will happen when I take a break from work— I will be open about my relationship.

Q. Are you also networking to bag roles in the West like many other actresses here do?
A. I have an agency in US and also in UK. I have got offers to auditions for one popular show and many new shows. But because of films, events and other work commitments here, I feel sad sometimes that I have to miss out on a few things there.

Q. Is there anything else that interests you apart from acting?
A. I will write. But need to find time for that.

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