Naturist couple from New Zealand get married 'nude'

Jan 08, 2013, 06:12 IST | ANI

A naturist couple tied the knot completely naked, with about half of the guests wearing no clothes, it has been revealed

Nick and Wendy Lowe got married at the Wellington Naturist Club on Jan 5 and it was the first naturist wedding to be held at the site, reported.

The wedding was witnessed more than 120 guests, out of which nearly half were wearing clothing, while others were completely naked and wore only hats to protect their faces from the scorching sun.

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Lowe asserted that since being a naturist was the biggest part of his life, it was natural for the pair to marry that way.

He added that there were some invited guests who declined their invitation but many others arrived in whatever they felt comfortable in.

Lowe revealed that she took to nudity “like a duck to water” after she was introduced to the naturism by Andrew nearly six years ago.

She asserted that her first time at a naturist club in Hawke’s Bay was a little nerve-racking but then she realised that people are more interested in the person than the body they wear and it becomes more odd wearing clothes.

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