Navi Mumbai: Traffic cops to take offenders to court for delay in fines

Oct 15, 2014, 07:38 IST | Ankoor Anvekar

Of the 200 people who had been caught flouting rules through the CCTV surveillance system, 52 are yet to pay the fines; their details have already been submitted to the Belapur court, where they will have to appear

The Navi Mumbai Traffic police has decided to act on those who have delayed paying fines for traffic offences and have submitted details of the offenders to the Belapur court. These people will now have to appear in the court.

CCTV grabs
GOTCHA! CCTV grabs of two offenders. Officials said most violations were recorded at Vashi toll naka, Bhaurao Patil Chowk in CBD Belapur and various stretches of the Palm Beach Road

The offenders were caught thanks to the CCTV surveillance system that was installed in Navi Mumbai in May last year. Since August this year, the video monitoring system is being used to issue e-challans to those caught on camera flouting rules. A total of 200 people were issued the challans. Of these, 52 are yet to pay fines. The cameras are installed at major spots in the city and the feed is monitored in a central control room.

Traffic officials said they have sent reminder notices to the concerned people, but they have failed to elicit any response. Hence, the department has submitted the details of the offenders to the Belapur court. The court will now issue summons to the people, but proceedings have been slowed down because of the ongoing election duty, officials added.

Various offences
Police Inspector (Traffic) P B Bankar said, “Soon after the offences were captured on camera, we sent them letters detailing the date, time and the nature of the offence for which they were being fined. After receiving this letter, offenders have 15 days to pay the fines.” Subsequently, reminder notices were also sent, which gives the guilty a week at most to cough up the amount.

A majority of the defaulters were booked for not wearing a seat belt, helmet, sporting a fancy number plate, talking on a mobile phone while driving, and jumping signals. More four-wheelers drivers were fined than bikers. Of the 200 offenders, 40 — or 20 per cent — are women.

An official at the CCTV control room told mid-day that major spots where the violations were recorded include, Vashi toll naka and Bhaurao Patil Chowk at CBD Belapur and various stretches of the Palm Beach Road.

mid-day had earlier reported how the entire surveillance system had gone dark after the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) had delayed paying the internet service provider — Reliance Communications — fees for providing the feed that connects all cameras to the central server. NMMC officials finally paid up later.

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