NCP leader was exploiting 7 girls from same college

Oct 12, 2012, 07:28 IST | Akela

NCP Ulhasnagar-1 block president and two of his associates were regulars at several lodges and used to arrive with different girls

The Government Railway Police (GRP) has made a startling discovery while investigating the suicide of an 18-year-old college student near Shahad railway station on September 13. Manoj Tiwari alias Jajju (38), chairman of an Ulhasnagar-based school and block president of NCP Ulhasnagar-1, who was arrested along with associates Kamlesh Jaiswar and Umesh Pal last week on grounds of abetment, was not only having a physical relationship with the victim, but was regularly exploiting seven other college girls. 

Manoj Tiwari
Arrested: Manoj Tiwari

MiD DAY article ‘School chairperson held for driving teen ‘lover’ to end life’ published on October 6 revealed that the accused had photographed the victim in revealing clothing after promising to get her into stardom and then used the pictures to blackmail the victim into complying with his demands. The police said the accused had made a video clip showing the young woman in a compromising position, which he used to exploit her.

During the investigations, sleuths of the GRP visited several lodges in Kalyan, Ulhasnagar and Titwala and found out that Tiwari and his associates were regular visitors and eight different college girls were seen with the men. While making an entry in the lodge registers, Tiwari always produced his driver’s licence as ID proof.

According to PI (crime) Sampat Nirmal, between July 16 and September 6, Tiwari visited one lodge 15 times with the girls. On August 13, he visited another lodge twice with different girls. He usually arrived around 9 am, which is the time classes in colleges normally start. Tiwari always used his real name while making entries in the lodge registers, but everytime used one nameto identify his female companion. The police are currently working on getting CCTV footage to ascertain whether he was accompanied by different girls and was using only one name as a ruse to play safe.

On one occasion, Tiwari celebrated a girl’s birthday at a hotel in Titwala and eight girls were present at the bash.

“We came to know that Tiwari and his associates were having relationships with at least seven girls. All of them are studying in the same college. We are going to record their statements shortly,” investigation officer Nirmal said. The police is also investigating claims that Tiwari used a revolver to threaten the girls into submission.

According to the police, Tiwari first approached the victims with offers of roles in Hindi movies or serials and later took them to a lodge and attempted to get physical. He would use a revolver to threaten the women into complying. He then used a hidden camera to film his acts and blackmailed the young women into submitting to his demands regularly.

The police have seized two computers from Tiwari’s home, four mobile phones and the vehicle that he used on his lodge-hopping spree.  

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