Neighbours find woman's decaying body in her house

Jan 12, 2013, 07:56 IST | Shiva Devnath

Boyfriend of 29-year-old divorcee has been missing since the crime; bottle of an inflammable chemical was found next to her body

A 29-year-old woman was found murdered at her Malwani residence on Friday. Parveen Banu Shaikh alias Neha, was a stage dancer and used to work in bars. The Malwani police suspect a youth identified as Ali, with whom she was in a relationship, who has been missing since the murder.

Scene of crime: Cops outside Shaikh’s room in Malwani, after her neighbours called them up

According to the police, Shaikh, a divorcee, was staying at a rented room at Agra Gully in Malwani’s Gate 6 area for the past month-and-a-half. She had paid a deposit of Rs 10,000 for the room.

She had recently been to Hyderabad, and after she returned to Mumbai, her sister tried to call her up. But Shaikh did not answer any of the calls. Her worried sister then sent her mother-in-law to Shaikh’s house to find out if she was all right. But since her room was locked, the mother-in-law went back.

A few days later, when Shaikh’s sister tried ringing her up again and there was still no response, she got agitated and asked her mother-in-law to revisit the house. When the kin came back to Shaikh’s room, it was to a foul stench emanating from behind the locked door. She gathered the neighbours who then knocked down the door. They found Shaikh’s body in a decomposed state. The local police was summoned around 2.30 pm.

“There are burns on her hands and face. We are probing the possibility of a chemical being used to attack her,” a police official said. A bottle found next to the body has been seized from the house and its contents will be examined at the forensic science laboratory. A case of murder was registered and Parveen’s body was sent for an autopsy.

Cops tracing Ali’s cellphone have found out that he has moved out of Maharashtra. “Ali is the prime suspect in the case. A neighbour spotted him inside Parveen’s house three days ago, while she was killed at least two days ago,” a police official said.

Police is investigating two angles. First, the suspect murdered Parveen because of a dispute over money she had earned in Hyderabad. Second, she was having an illicit affair with another man, which provoked him to kill her.

Jayawant Hargude, assistant police commissioner (Malwani division), said, “On Friday morning, we received information that a female body was found in a decomposed state at Malwani. We also found a bottle of an inflammable chemical near the body, which has been sent to the forensic laboratory.” 

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