Nerul resident rides over huge pothole, injures leg

Jun 20, 2013, 03:04 IST | A Correspondent

Mohan Kumar (55) failed to gauge the depth of the huge cavities on the road and lost control of his bike near Kharghar station

With the rains come the problem of potholes, and this time they almost cost Nerul resident Mohan Kumar his life.  

Deadly holes: Mohan Kumar, a resident of Nerul, (inset) suffered leg injuries and minor abrasions on his hand

Fifty five-year-old Kumar — who is a resident of sector 3 in Nerul, and has a tyre business in Kalamboli — was returning home on Monday morning when he felt that the road ahead of Kharghar station was a little uneven. 

He lost balance on his two-wheeler and fell after he rode over a pothole, without realising how deep it was.  “After a while I lost my balance and fell because of potholes on the road. I did not realise how deep they were and rode over them. Another vehicle ahead of me also lost

balance, but managed to regain control in time. I, however, could not control the bike as it was raining very heavily,” said Kumar who was rushed to Nerul’s DY Patil Hospital. The doctor who was treating him said that he had suffered leg injuries and minor abrasions on his hand.

There was continuous downpour in Navi Mumbai on June 17, with the city receiving 34.15 mm of rain in total. There were two incidents of trees falling at Nerul and Belapur, which were brought to the notice of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC).  

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