New Australian pizza chain offers offbeat fare to Mumbaikars

Apr 22, 2015, 08:35 IST | Hassan M Kamal

If you're in the mood for pizzas, including a Chocolate option, called a Sweetzza, dial EagleBoys Pizza, a new Australian chain that impresses on a few counts

EagleBoys Pizza
Food: Average
Service: Quick
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EagleBoys is an Australian pizza chain, which recently entered Mumbai with six outlets in the city namely Chandivali, Fort (Sterling Cinema), Kharghar, Sion, Worli and Oshiwara. However, this isn't the first Indian outing for the international chain. They have a presence in Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. Having heard a lot from our peers in these cities, we decided to sample their pizzas.

Triple Chocolate Sweetzza is worth going to the place for a second time
Triple Chocolate Sweetzza is worth going to the place for a second time 

On a fine afternoon, we called the Worli outlet of the pizza chain. But the home delivery service wasn't operational, so we arranged for someone to pick up our order. No qualms there, considering they were new on the block. But deciding on the order could have been made easier by adding the price to its online menu. Thanks to a popular listing website, we managed to get our hands on the menu. Our order included a 10-inch gourmet pizza Chicken Supreme (Rs 569) with Cheesy Blast crust (Rs 79), a 10-inch Veg Mexicana (Rs 419), a 7-incher Aussie's Favourite Pizza (Rs199), a 7-inch Zesty Chicken Pizza (R159), and a 7-inch Triple Chocolate Sweetza (Rs 99).

Despite its Cheesy Blast Crust, the Chicken Supreme failed to create the magic that we hoped from this gourmet pizza. We couldn't savour any of the spiced tomato sauce. The Tandoori Chicken chunks were yum, but the combination of jalapenos, black olives, fresh tomato and red onion over Mozzarella Cheese didn't excite our taste buds.

The Chicken Supreme was a bit saltier than the rest. Perhaps, it had to do with the extra cheese from the Cheesy Blast Crust or mistaken ingredient calculations by EagleBoys. As expected, the Veg Mexicana was spicy, but not special. Their toppings — jalapenos, capsicum, red onion, fresh tomatoes and chopped green chillies — were average. The Zesty Chicken too lacked the familiar, freshness that we had gotten used to from other pizza makers. Despite being done well, the meat tasted bland.

The Aussie's Favourite Veg Pizza was a hit
The Aussie's Favourite Veg Pizza was a hit 

An unlikely surprise was the Aussies' Favourite Veg Pizza with its combination of corn, capsicum and pineapple on top of mozzarella cheese offering an experience worth going back to. The sweet-tangy taste of pineapple added the much-needed punch that we found missing in other pizzas. The chocolate pizza, which we ordered mainly out of curiosity, emerged as the winner.

Not too sweet and layered with the right amount of melted chocolate and dusted with crumbled cookies, it won votes from every team member. However, we must mention that all the pizzas had a strange, oily flavour that didn't go down well. Also, the oregano was substandard; negative marks for poor quality of this important pizza accompaniment.

EagleBoys has a long way to go to carve a niche in Mumbai's competitive pizza industry. They will need to showcase their hits like the Aussie's Favourite Pizza and Triple Chocolate Sweetzza, but most importantly, get rid of the strange oily element in their pizzas.

At EagleBoys Pizza (in Chandivali, Sion, Oshiwara, Kharghar, Fort and Worli).
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