No clue. Mum's choosing my outfit for bhai's wedding, says Soha Ali Khan

Aug 06, 2012, 11:41 IST | Asira Tarannum

Soha Ali Khan belongs to the one of the most recognizable families from Bollywood, yet she feels she is the most useless member of her family

While the whole world is discussing her brother Saif Ali Khan’s impending wedding, the actress says that she has absolutely no clue about the hustle and bustle in the house.

Soha Ali Khan

She lets a chuckle slip as she points out, “No one depends on me for anything. I honestly don’t know anything about the preparations that are going on. In fact, it is not me but my mother who is deciding what I should wear for the wedding. I have absolutely no clue about anything.”

In fact, Soha also feels that at the dinner table, she is the quietest person. Soha is just back from her recent vacation to London and Spain. She recalls, “I had a great time. I loved sitting in Hyde Park and spent time saying hello to the dogs playing in the vicinity.”

Table talk
“The dinner time conversations have always been very interesting at our place. My mother, bhai, Kareena and I… we all talk at the same time. Nobody ever listens to anyone (laughs). But mostly Bhai holds the court when he is around and the rest of us don’t mind listening, as whatever he says is very interesting.” 

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