No fluke, this

Jun 28, 2012, 11:13 IST | Ruchika Kher

Versova's newest fashion and lifestyle store, Fluke, offers a plethora of quirky and colourful products, each hand-painted to perfection, with the intent to up the design quotient of typical items

“Give me a surface, and I will paint a story”, claims Rashmi Dogra, the owner of Fluke, Versova’s new design space, conspicuous by its vibrant exteriors, on the busy JP Road, which is slowly turning into a hotspot with new restaurants and stores opening on either side of the road, with alarming regularity.

Old gramophone Rs 20,000 This will bring back memories of your grandparents, but there is a twist in the tale. The old gramophone has a checkered black and white look with a well-painted pink rose on the speaker. The creative dose of design added to the age-old musical equipment, gives it an edge.

“We have a store in Bandra, but I’ll be shutting that down, soon. This space occupies a prime location,” says Dogra. The store that deals with a range of hand-painted and handcrafted products including home décor items, handbags and statement jewellery pieces, retails items with a strong Indian connect but with an international flavour.

Slipper Table, Rs 14,000 The designer calls this one her most painstaking work. But all the pain taken surely seems worth it. Made from recycled wood and painted with Italian automotive paint, this pair is made in the shape of slippers and catches the eye in a flash. The inimitable design and finesse stand out.

“We discover and innovate products. I experiment with a lot of shapes, so that different artworks can be used on it. People want to spend money on novel ideas. It’s important to surprise people. The intent is to retain the novelty factor but ensure that the aesthetics are right so that it’s not just completely mad, but also has a usability factor,” expresses Dogra, who has no formal training in design or fashion.

Blue Clutch, Rs 5,200 The material used for this bag is Italian suede, which gives it the sheen that makes it stand out. In bright and bold blue, this clutch has a sling attached to it as well. Perfect for an evening soiree.

“I didn’t attend art or fashion school. I was in the airline industry for 15 years, but was always inclined towards design, so finally nearly three and a half years ago, I started out in a small room with my colours,” she recalls.

Kathakali Bag, Rs 3,800 Made from high-quality leather, this black bag with a Kathakali dancer’s face painted on both sides is trendy and is a unique mix of Indian and international feel. A must-have for the eclectic bag lover.

With plenty of shades thrown in, Fluke houses objects that instantly appeal to the eyes because of their vibrancy and their kitschy appeal. After a look around the store, we picked out five interesting and chic products that will surely impress you.

Pink Chains, Rs 2,800 Jewellery has a new meaning. Statement jewellery is the newest fad and taking that forward is this piece of chain with a painted rose on leather. The golden brass chains add edge to the piece. If you want, you can also add matching earring (Rs 1,200) to the piece to complete the pair.

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