No more a mystery girl, Honey!

Jul 30, 2012, 07:30 IST | A Correspondent

No more a mystery girl, Honey!

A close-up of Madhura Honey. 

Her name: Madhura Honey

Originally from: Bangalore

Why is she in the news? He marched with the Indian contingent at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics on Friday night.

Why is she in London? Doing her post graduate education in UK.

Buzz: She was a volunteer, who just managed to join the contingent as they entered the arena.

More buzz: She told her parents that she would be on the big screen with the India participants.

What else did she do? Put up her Olympic pass on her Facebook account.

What did Indian Olympic Association spokesperson say? “There is no mysterious girl. The incident just exposes the tall claims made by the organisers regarding security. Just imagine... if this had happened in India that a person without any accreditation had walked into the main arena that
too along with a contingent all hell would have broken out
in this side of the planet.”

Coe’s view: The chairman of the London Olympics, Sebastian Coe said, “she was a cast member who clearly got slightly overexcited. She shouldn’t have been there.” Coe stressed that the unidentified woman was no danger to the Indian squad since as a cast member for the ceremony she would have undergone all security checks.  

Right: Honey walking with the Indian Olympic contingent at the opening ceremony on Friday. Pics/AFP

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