North Korea confirms 'mystery woman' as Kim Jong-un's wife

Jul 26, 2012, 11:29 IST | Agencies

North Korea's state run media has finally revealed the identity of the 'mystery woman' spotted next to the country's young leader Kim Jong-un


Pyongyang's KRT reported that the woman who has been seen with Kim on several recent occasions is his wife, the country’s First Lady.
The channel named her as Ri Sol-ju, but provided no other details, the Telegraph reports.

Kim Jong-Un, North Korea
Kim Jong-Un with the mystery lady claimed to be his wife Ri Sol-Ju. Photo: AFP

Kim was seen at a performance two weeks ago accompanied by Ri, sparking rumours as to whether she was his wife, lover or sister.
According to the paper, some observers in South Korea speculated she was a singer he dated years ago before his father put a stop to it, but who was now back on the scene.

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