Not sorry about the saree: Deana Uppal

Aug 17, 2012, 08:34 IST | Kunal M Shah

British actress-model on her recent exit from 'Big Brother' and being the most hated inmate on the show

After Shilpa Shetty, British actress-model Deana Uppal became the second person of Indian origin to be a part of the Big Brother TV show in UK. Deana talks exclusively to HitList about coming a close third on the show and her subsequent exit.

Deana Uppal

After Shilpa Shetty, you are the only other person of Indian-origin on Big Brother...
The reception was not great. I came into the house wearing a saree as I wanted to show off our beautiful Indian clothing and my Indian origin. However, I felt most of the housemates where intimidated by this. On the first night, a lot of the contestants backed away from me and avoided conversation.

Apparently you were the most hated inmate in the house!
Yes! No matter how hard I tried to create relationships with the other housemates nothing would work.

There were reports of racial discrimination towards you...
Yes. Scott Maison was particularly nasty towards me and would constantly verbally abuse me. Another male contestant made comments about me eating with my hands. I have not yet received an apology from any contestant about their comments and I feel very disappointed that Big Brother let the abuse. Instead, one of the housemates, Conor Mcintyre who was abusing me the most, won a task in the house and was rewarded Pound 50,000 in cash.

You finished third although you were the favourite to win the show...
Yes, apparently I was on the top of the polls. As I didn’t have many friends inside the house, I presumed I would have been unpopular on the outside too. So now to see the huge support that I have is very overwhelming.

You broke down on quite a few instances...
Yes, the first few weeks were very hard for me. However, I became stronger. I am glad I have shown people that no matter what you are up against in life, if you believe in your self, believe in God and be strong you can get through anything.

Back here in India, could this translate into offers from the film industry?
I hope so as I love India and I do feel more comfortable living in India. If the offers do come up, I would love that. I am returning to India soon. 

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