Notes written by victim of acid attack in Mumbai paint picture of anger, pain

May 04, 2013, 03:57 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

Having lost her power of speech and sight in her right eye, the 24-year-old is communicating with her relatives by writing to them

A day has passed since Preethi Rathi (24) was admitted to the ICU of Byculla’s Masina hospital after acid was flung at her in Bandra terminus on Thursday, and the woman’s condition remains critical. She had to be put on ventilator for some time yesterday.

Fortunes turned: Amar Singh Rathi, the victim’s father laments the situation his daughter is in

MiD DAY had reported how an unidentified 27-year-old man boarded the same train as hers from Delhi, followed her all the way to the city, and flung acid at her face as soon as she alighted from the train at Bandra terminus on Thursday (‘Man follows nurse to city, flings acid at her at station,’ May 3).

Excerpts from the victim’s notes reveal the anguish she feels over the incident
He has destroyed my entire future... everything was going so well, why did destiny do this to me?

Preethi is still unable to speak, since the acid entered her mouth. “Ever since she was shifted to the hospital, she has been writing on sheets of paper, asking us what lies in store for her.  She has been lamenting the sudden reversal of fortune, as everything was going so well,” said Amar Singh Rathi (57), the victim’s father. 

He tapped me on the back, and as soon as I turned, he flung acid at my face

In one of the letters, Preethi assured her family that she would get better, telling them not to worry and eat well. “As she is unable to see clearly after losing sight in her right eye, she’s finding it difficult to write, but is somehow managing as that is the only way she can now communicate with us and the hospital staff,” added Rathi.

Preethi’s family members are also worried about the uncertainty that looms over her career. Preethi, who hails from Delhi, was to join the INHS Asvini Hospital as a nurse on Thursday. The accident has ruled out the possibility of her joining service.

What is the police doing?

“She worked so hard for her Army medical course after completing her four-year-long BSc course in nursing, and was selected from among 15,000 candidates. Now, the college management informed us that since she did not officially join on Thursday or complete her paperwork, their hands are tied,” rued Amar Singh.

Still critical
Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital said that Preethi’s treatment will be continued in the ICU of the hospital following her tracheotomy, which is a surgical procedure that creates an opening through the neck into the windpipe. “Her condition is still critical and it will take at least a few more days for her condition to stabilize, though she was put off ventilator,” said Dr Rohinton Dastur, medical director of Masina hospital. On Thursday, GRP officials visited the Byculla hospital and paid Rs 60,000 for the woman’s treatment, which the hospital authorities had asked for.  

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