Now, a 'men-ifesto' for male rights

Jan 12, 2014, 06:01 IST |

The National Coalition for Men will meet political parties in India and urge them to acknowledge men’s rights in their manifestos

The National Coalition for Men (NCM) -- a forum of 50 organisations fighting for male rights across the country -- launched itsown manifesto expressing concern over the steady rate of “innocent men” falling victims to “gender biased” laws. Titled “Men-ifesto”, it carries a host of issues concerning men and the need for governmental provisions to address those issues.

“It’s time for the country to introspect. Just to prove ourselves gender neutral, haven’t we become anti-male? The need is to create a men’s ministry and a men’s rights body to bring out gender equality and social justice,” said NCM convener Amit Gupta.

The NCM will meet political parties across the country and urge them to acknowledge men’s rights in their manifestos. The NCM expressed concern over increase in the misuse of “gender biased” laws which have led to men committing suicide.

“When the complainant is a woman, in every case, men are presumed guilty until they are proven innocent. Even a frivolous accusation against a man makes him lose his job, is looked down upon by the society and is treated like a criminal,” Gupta said.

Some of the NCM’s demands include making laws, including the Domestic Violence Act gender, neutral so as to protect men against domestic violence and facilitate rehabilitation of men who are acquitted. It also demanded a mechanism to facilitate speedy trial of undertrials languishing in jails and equal and unbridled rights to child custody.

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