Now, a new dating app for singles

Feb 20, 2015, 07:35 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Matchbot is a new dating app that brings singletons in the city together based on an algorithm and manual selection

In the last couple of years, most of you would have heard about at least one website/app offering a safe platform for
dating (mostly for women). Sadly, most either never took off, or shut shop due to a lack of interest or a poor track record.
Now, making an entry into this unreliable segment is Matchbot, a new dating app that aims to provide (but not guarantee) a safe environment for single Indians (mostly women).


But there’s a twist. While all women (above 18 years) get unrestricted entry to the platform, men will have to undergo a 48-hour waiting period after signing up with Matchbot. During this period, a bunch of people from the company will be deciding whether or not you have what it takes (as well as the right) to date someone. Now, if this isn’t offensive, pray what is? Then again, looking at the weird pack out there, this might seem like a necessary step. But, how do you guess whether a person is a weirdo or not by looking at his picture?

Matchbot has a questionnaire and creates a profile based on your affinity for alcohol, smoking, tattoos, looks, your partying habits, reading habits, sleeping habits, and whether you would quit your job if you win a lottery of $17,000,000.

And after all this, they will feed all your personal data through an algorithm to find a suitable match on the dating platform. But, no one knows whether or not you will get a date — not even the geeks at Matchbot. Your chances may get limited further, since you can’t approach anyone until the women show an interest in your profile. Being on Matchbot is a lot like sitting in a bar with or without beer and waiting for at least one pretty lady to come by and chat you up. You can’t move, smile or speak with them. Torture, right! But then, it’s always worth a try.

NOTE: The app uses your Facebook account to sign up. While it won’t post on your Facebook account, the app makers may share your personal data with their clients or other companies.

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