Now, go online to get marriage registered

Nov 08, 2017, 19:20 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

State simplifies the earlier complicated process by eliminating middlemen from the marriage registration procedure

Have you been putting off getting your marriage registered because of the many trips to the registration office? You can now do it in the comfort of your home. The Department of Registration has launched an online registration procedure on its website

Representation pic
Representation pic

From where marriage notices can be generated and an appointment for a visit to the marriage registration office obtained. Also, information about the impending marriage will be available for all to see, in case someone has objections to it. The information of those already married, too, will be made available online.

The bride and groom need make just one trip to the registration office now. Representation pic
The bride and groom need make just one trip to the registration office now. Representation pic

The latest move will not only make one of the two visits to the registration office unnecessary, but will also free the prospective couple from the clutches of middlemen who often loot them citing 'complexities' in the procedure, officials have said.

Only 30K marriages registered a year
According to officials, although four lakh plus weddings take place in the state every year, only around 30,000 of them get registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1952. Others either never register the marriage or register them with local self governance bodies under community specific marriage acts such as the Hindu Marriage Act or Muslim Marriage Act, etc. The Special Marriage Act provisions are me­n­tioned on the website.

The current pr­a­c­­tice is that the bride and groom have to visit the marriage registration office at least a month prior to the wedding to fill up the forms for issuance of the marriage notice inviting objectio­ns. These offices are based in Mumbai and in Pune. In other areas, such registrations are carried out by the sub-divisional registration office.

'Easy and transparent'
Inspector General Registration (IGR) Anil Kawade said, "The initiative will make the procedure easy, transparent and faster, thereby also contributing to an increase in the number of registrations under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.
The bride and groom can create an account on the website and fill in the details. An automatic web notice will be issued, which will be available for all to see on the portal. Aadhaar is mandatory for this procedure. A few days later, the couple will receive information about their appointment date through SMS."

He added, "They will have to physically visit the registration office on the day of the appointment. But, putting the rest of the procedure online means half their troubles are taken care of," said Kawade.

In case a person is registered and has been divorced, information about earlier marriages will also be available online. The portal, which has been designed by National Informatics Centre, is available across the state, officials said.

No. of marriages registered from a total of 4 lakh that take place in Maharashtra every year

4 lakh
No. of weddings that take place in the state every year

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