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Sep 11, 2012, 10:26 IST | Dhara Vora

While women have several options for footwear to choose from, be it from roadside stalls or international labels, finding a good pair of oxfords for men in spite of shelling out the dough can be a difficult task in the city.

To make things easier, an online shopping portal has recently opened shop. Called Achilles’ Heel, it offers luxury men’s footwear options created by 28-year-old footwear designer Nirali Ruparel.

Initially, Ruparel was a fitness consultant and even worked with a leading magazine. She adds that it was her fetish for shoes and fashion that made her want to enter the field of designing. “There are so many apparel designers in the city and I wanted to do something different.

Grey patent leather oxfords. FOR Rs 6,500 

That’s why I looked at shoe designing, for men, because unlike us, poor men don’t have many choices,” shares Ruparel. For the name of her label, Ruparel sought inspiration from Greek mythology and hopes that like the heel was war hero Achilles’ weakness, men in the country would develop a weakness for her designs.

Suede slip-ons. For Rs 5,990

Her first collection is entirely for a black-tie-red-carpet event, and as she puts it “It’s for the material guy of the hot society who believes in having the fine things in life.” The current line mainly comprises of derby and monk shoes and oxfords. You can also customise any shoe according to your own choice by selecting the colour, texture or material and laces of your choice.

These ice grey-blue derby shoes will help add a subtle hint of colour to your outfit. For Rs 7,200

Ruparel takes personal appointments as well and can work on creating a shoe right from making a mould of your feet. “There are so many men who have either very small feet or large feet as compared to the standard sizes or even those who need insoles to look a bit taller,” she adds.

This cherry red pair of patent leather shoes is for the man with an edge. For Rs4,500

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