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Aug 29, 2012, 08:05 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

As we have indicated many times before on this page, we are Parsi fans and groupies. A gentle, fun-loving community distinguished for its joie de vivre and its commitment to excellence and philanthropy, what's not to like?

>> As we have indicated many times before on this page, we are Parsi fans and groupies. A gentle, fun-loving community distinguished for its joie de vivre and its commitment to excellence and philanthropy, what’s not to like? Which is why the recent spate of Parsiana movies (Little Zizou, Ferrari Ki Sawari and Shirin-Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi) has us in hog heaven.

And what has tickled our fancy even more is this post from Boman Irani for his overseas Parsi fans on a social networking site: “I hear 403 Parsis of Toronto are off to see SFKTNP at the Albion cinema this evening! Met most of you at the wonderful dinner you had hosted a couple of years ago! Do enjoy your evening; do make noise, whistle and holler. I will feel it here in Mumbai. Wish I could be there with you all, and be the most badly-behaved person in the hall. Cheers!” 

 Boman Irani
Let’s have some fun: Boman Irani’s latest movie Shirin Farhad ki Toh Nikal Padi has the audiences laughing

We can just imagine the raucous laughter and rib-tickling galis on the occasion! We like! 

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!
>> While watching SFKTNP, it occurred to us that the film tangentially brings together three sets of very talented brothers and sisters. How so? Well, it’s been directed and produced by the Bhansali sister-brother duo Bela and Sanjay respectively.

Sajid Khan and sister Farah Khan and  Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali with Bela Sehgal
Sajid Khan and sister Farah Khan and (right) Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali with Bela Sehgal

In it acts Farah Khan who with brother Sajid makes up one half of another successful sis-bro pair. And, of course, the dynamo siblings Farhan and Zoya are also connected through the presence of their aunt Daisy Irani in the film, who reprises the role of Boman’s mother brilliantly.

Farhan Akhtar with sister Zoya Akhtar
Farhan Akhtar with sister Zoya Akhtar

Three brothers and sisters operating successfully in Bollywood! After years of the Anand and Kumar and Khan brothers, this is a first. Perhaps readers can remind us of any others?

Subodh’s Abode
>> The buzz in the Delhi–Mumbai Biz class set is of zeitgeist sculptor Subodh Gupta’s acquisition of a Delhi farmhouse at a jaw-dropping price. Seldom have artists, however internationally celebrated, been able to purchase properties for such astonishing sums.

Artist Subodh Gupta
Making waves: Artist Subodh Gupta poses with his iconic Stainless steel installation Line of Control at Kiran Nadar Museum at DLF South Court Mall, in New Delhi

That they can do so now is a matter of cheer and a thumbs-up for the health of the art market, which was displaying signs of a slow down. We can’t help thinking sadly back to the days when some of the most talented masters in the country died in penury and debt. As for Gupta and his equally talented wife, the artist Bharti Kher’s residence the figure we were told ran up to over 40 big Cs. “That’s actually not so steep for a Delhi farmhouse,” was what one terribly bright investment banker remarked on hearing the news. “After all, bungalows at Golf links are now going for double that amount.” Mercifully, we live in Mumbai where not only are the homes smaller and more reasonable, but the view is infinitely better!

Mumbai's youngest party girl!
>> What a wonderful world we live in: we are at an age when not only are our friends celebrating the births of their grandkids — but of their kids too! And yesterday, we celebrated this all the more when uber restaurateur AD Singh’s wife Sabena’s cute little bundle of joy the glamorously named Zoe Tara Singh celebrated her very first birthday with all the attending festivity and celebration.


To know Zoe is to adore her: edible cheeks, wonder struck eyes and a smile that could stop nuclear wars. Not only is AD completely besotted with her, but we are also told Zoe has created a small sensation on a social networking site by being one of the few one-year-olds to have her own page where family friends and fans can post their adoration. As for us, we know Zoe has inherited her looks and charm from her parents and her charisma from her late Dadi Amrita (our dear friend). But those cheeks — they could have only come from us! Happy birthday Zoe! And hope your parents are filing this for you to read when you grow up!

Sheer Class!
>> As a diarist who records all the ebb and flow of Mumbai’s daily life, its highs and lows and its triumphs and tribulations, we are often required to report on shame and scandal and aspects of the city that do not do it credit: vaulting ambition, monumental crassness and runaway selfishness. Which is why when we heard this bit of news recently, it brought cheer to our heart and made us feel proud to belong to a place where people displayed so much dignity and style. The incident involves a brilliant entrepreneur, someone who in the spate of two decades not only established a huge media empire but also raised the bar of an entire industry as he did so. Apparently, after selling his business for a very substantial profit, the whiz has not only indicated that he wants to dedicate the rest of his life to the relatively unglamorous non-profit sector, but he also very generously gifted his ex-wife (herself a lady of class who was a great support to him initially) a considerable amount so that she could purchase a fine apartment for herself befitting of her style. That all this was done with the encouragement and support of his current wife makes it an even more edifying incident. Sigh, wish everyone conducted themselves with such style! 

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